10 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Smarter Than Your Colleagues 

traveling makes you smarter

Have you traveled to different places before? If yes, how were you welcomed by your people? If No, then you are missing a lot.

Join me not with your legs but eyes and ears as I am going to walk you through the reasons why traveling makes you smarter than your peers.

Traveling is the act of moving from a place to another to either settle permanently, temporarily, or for tourism. It is said that traveling is a cure for stress, anxiety, and depression. For this reason, people travel to spend their holidays and vacation at tourist sites to refresh their minds and to spend happy moments with their loved ones.

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The following are 10 reasons why traveling makes you smarter than your colleagues;

  1. Meeting New People

Traveling from your comfort zone helps one to meet different kinds of people from different walks of life. This enables you to build connections with new people easily through networking. If you are always ready to learn, you will be able to get to know more about the people you meet.

Be curious, by asking them relevant questions to know more about their experience and the things that are working for them. This helps to make you smarter than your peers

2. Travelers are Capable of Learn New Language

One of the major challenges in traveling is the language barrier. This makes communication ineffective. For communication to be effective, both the speaker and the listener must be able to understand the language been used.

For example, in Ghana those in the northern zone when they come to the southern part of the country, they find it difficult to speak their language. But with time, they become used to it and are able to speak better than some of the natives. This makes them unique and puts them ahead of their colleagues who have never traveled before.

3. Health Enhancement

I always say your health is your wealth. This is because for you to be able to enjoy your wealth, you have to be healthy. Traveling is a great cure for health issues like stress, anxiety, and depressions. According to scientists, traveling to places improve tourists’ health and makes them focused.

  1. Provides Practical Education 

“The World is a book and those who do not travel, open one page.” – St Augustine.

If you are in your comfort zone you think that’s all, travel and see. It is said that those who travel are more intelligent than those in their comfort zone.

It is about time you have to move from the aspect of theological to practical. Don’t let people go and come and tell you what happened there. You have to travel to experience nature.

  1. Self-Development

It is the act of consciously improving one’s life in the various aspects of life. Traveling makes the traveler improve both physically and mentally. They begin to see things in a diversify ways. They tend to look at things through different lenses. This is one of the reasons why we need to travel.

  1. Learning New Skills

Travelers get to know more than none travelers. A person who use to travel often, get to know more and learn new things as well. If they are curious and ask questions about the things they want to learn, they get to know. Any skills they want to learn throughout their journey can be learned. This put them ahead of their colleagues.

  1. Shapes One’s Personality

Yes, those who travel indeed get to attain certain status in society. How do we welcome people who have returned from abroad or the city? We see them as well known and respect them. They are seen as elegant, and stunning. People talk about the improvements made in them. Especially, how they talk, walk, and dressing. This makes others have the urge to travel.

  1. Learn New Cultures

Culture is said to be a way of life people live. When you travel, you get to know the food, dressing, and language of other groups of people. You get to understand and appreciate other people’s cultures. You begin to have different ideologies and tolerate other ways of life. You don’t discriminate rather, you embrace other cultures. This experience makes you smarter than your colleagues.

  1. Acquire New Ideas 

People travel for so many purposes but those who travel to learn to get to know more. The best way to get more ideas about the things you want to do is to travel. It will open your mind and broaden your horizon to learn more.

  1. To Have Peace, Not Pieces

We all have to get our peace of mind to be able to live and work without any distractions. When you travel places, you get to enjoy, relax and release stress. This makes you feel better and focused than before. People who travel works efficiently than those who don’t tour.

If you want to be smart, then begin to travel to see things, people, language, food, and learn new things. Stop relying on hearsay and travel to know for you.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or any to add, leave them in the comments section below.