10 Things to Do To Be Rich When You Were Born Poor

Taking inspiration from the great success of life stories, we have provided 10 things to do to be rich when you were born from poor parents. Many people fail to understand that we can all become rich no matter where we are coming from.

Bill Gates once said, “if you were born poor it is not your fault but if you die poor, it is your mistake.” There are possible ways to be able to handle poverty irrespective of your background.

All riches start from the mindset and nothing else. You think and execute your idea. Being poor or rich is the state of the mindset. Everyone has different definitions of the two aforementioned terms.

With this article, we shall discuss both sets of ideas which will make you understand the concept of success and poverty.

For many people who were born in poor homes, the dreams of success can become a mere dream. However, this doesn’t stop anyone from becoming rich from a poor home.

We have the lives of Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ralph Lauren, and Dolly Parton were all born from poor homes but were able to change their lives to success.

From the numerous stories, shard shows that you can learn the things to do to be rich when you were born poor.  Here are some tips to help you achieve that positive dream even if you were born to poor parents.

1. Change your Mindset

The mindset is the first step to becoming rich. People are rich not only about the amount of money they have but their positive mindset. Being rich or poor is about the mindset.

Life is about choosing a particular journey to pursue. Check whatever you are good at and master to make it happen. Have a positive mentality on your idea and know that Rome wasn’t built a day.


2. Identify the Field you are good at

The best way to get a business idea is to identify what you can do better. You can have more joy by making money from a business you are happy doing. So if you are trying to learn the things to do to be rich when you were born poor, analyze where you are good at and do it better.

In business, your passion may not bring you any money. So do your research to know what your customers want and provide it to them. So now it is your duty to think about what you can do to take you from poor to rich.

On the other way round, if your idea will lead you from compromising the happiness of your family, then becoming rich does not have worth pursuing.

When you are taking your decisions about the things to do to be rich when you were born poor, you have to evaluate your idea and see what bets fit most.


3. Have your Goals Set

Setting goals will guide you to execute your business idea without compromising. Many fail to plan when entering into business and eventually they fail to achieve results.

What is your goal for achieving success? If you really want to learn about things to do to be rich when you were born poor, you need to set SMART Goals and plan well to achieve those goals you set.

Make sure you write all activities you will take towards that goal. It may not be easy at the beginning but try and abide strictly by your own goals set. Your goal is to become rich so try to know the net worth you are fighting to achieve.

Start working to achieve what you have written down. Riches don’t come from a vacuum or by miracle, we work towards them.

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Sometimes you may have a bigger goal that seems unachievable, don’t worry try and break them down into smaller goals.

You can equally adopt getting a vision board with a pictorial representation of the things you want to achieve.

Anytime your spirit goes down on achieving your dream of becoming rich, let the vision board guide and motivate you back on track.


4. Get the Skill Required

If you are learning about the things to do to be rich when you were born poor, you first need education. The skill can be acquired through formal education.

You may be looking at the finances and how you can easily get to the university or college for a degree to boost your skills. It may be expensive which one can find difficult to afford.

Try and apply for scholarships to further your education. This may not be easy. Getting the skill is not only about formal education but online studies from many websites available can help you achieve that dream.

I learned so many things free from Alison.com and YouTube which am using today as passive income sources. It is up to you to sit up and get the required knowledge that will help you achieve your goal.


5. Avoid Destructive Items

In the course of fighting your way out of poverty, many destructors will emerge to take you off the road. It is your duty to know how to handle destructions that can negatively affect your progress of becoming rich.

Immediately you are working make sure your cell phone does not become your headache. Social media can take all your time leaving you nothing but failures. If it is also friends that can destruct you from working on your goals, make sure you cut them off when you are in business.


6. Work Hard if You Are Already Employed

Poverty doesn’t run away even when you are employed. It can follow you anywhere you find yourself. You have the ultimate responsibility to work hard to maintain your job and earn more money.

As you get into the job sector, you may be compelled to live rich and imitate others. Don’t forget that looking for riches is different from being rich.

If you spend money like the Arabian king while you have nothing, then you are compounding debts that can even make you poorer.

One biggest mistake many people from poor homes make when they get money is living a life beyond what they earn. Don’t buy what you cant afford. Live a simple life and avoid spending on things that are unnecessary.


7. Save 10% of Your Earnings

One of the most essential things to do if you want financial freedom is to save money. Savings doesn’t automatically make you rich but help you to finance many ideas you have in mind.

Keep at least 10% of every income that comes your way be it salary or any other sources. Don’t wait to grow older before saving, start early even at college if your vision is to be rich.


8. Move with Those Who Thinks Like You

Birds of the same further always move together. If you want to learn the things to do to be rich when you were born poor, then you need to move with friends who think like you.

Surrounding yourself with friends who come from a poor background and want to become rich can also help you to achieve your goal.

Support each other and never underestimate the idea of your friends. Share ideas and never look back at your own failures.

9. Invest your money

Diversify your money into several investments if you want to become rich. If you are learning the things to do to be rich when you were born poor, you have to adopt ways to increase your income.

You can adapt the automatic investment plan to aid you to achieve your financial freedom. This will also help you to get multiple income sources to boost your finances.

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10. Be Self Motivated

Knowing your source and how bad your situation is can motivate you to achieve success. Your experience from a poor background can motivate you to work extra to become rich.

Learning the things to do to be rich when you were born poor, you will have to think of your background. Hence, ignore all obstacles and work according to your goals and plans.