10 Ways to Let Go of Anger Without Arguing

Ways to Let Go of Anger

Letting go of anger can be tough. You might feel like you are struggling with the baggage that comes with the anger, or you might feel like it’s been eating away at your self-worth for weeks, months, or years. There are several ways for someone to let go of the anger he/she is going through.

Maybe you feel like you’re constantly arguing—and not in a good way—because no one is willing to listen to you. In this article, discover 10 ways to let go of anger without arguments!

1. Have an Emotional break to let go of anger

When people argue, they are often doing so in an attempt to make their point known. This can be frustrating for the other person, but there is another way to let go of anger without arguing. The emotional break helps people resolve conflict with their hands-free, emotion-free approach and prevents things from getting out of hand.

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2. The power of being present

It is easy to get angry at the people around us. This is generally a result of a lack of self-awareness and feeling off-balance – we feel powerless, anxious, or even scared. When you’re in this state, it is hard to think rationally or be compassionate. It’s troublesome because many times anger (and other emotions) can spiral out of control. But there are ways to let go of anger without arguing with others.

3. A two-minute exercise for managing anger

The first step to managing anger is understanding what fuels its fire. People often make the mistake of focusing on the person that made them feel angry, which can lead to fighting or arguing.

Instead, it’s important to identify why we are frustrated and address that frustration in a healthier way. For example, if you’re angry about a problem at work, it could be helpful to spend your time doing something productive that will allow you to let go of the anger instead of continuing to stew over what has happened.

4. Contact someone who could help you express your anger

Sometimes anger can build up, and you might feel like you’re ready to explode. If that’s the case, take time to talk about your feelings with someone who is there for you. Sometimes all it takes to get our priorities back on track is to simply step away from arguments. Contacting someone is one of the ways to let go of the anger you are feeling.

5. A time out to gain perspective

It is possible to let go of anger without arguing or getting into a fight. It all starts by learning to recognize your anger triggers, and how you react in certain situations. If someone else does something that sets off your anger, try to take a deep breath and stay calm before reacting. Sometimes just walking away from the situation is the best option.

6. Decision-making with the whole self in mind

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of anger, especially if you’re the one being targeted by it. You might feel like this person is doing something to you that deserves your ire. You might not feel safe or confident enough to move on in a healthy way.

You don’t want to look weak in front of others, and so you keep yourself in a certain mindset. If you’re feeling choked up about this person or their actions, here are ten ways to make decisions with the whole self in mind:

7. Chapters in the book

The agreement is about letting go of anger. It gives a concrete way to deal with it and is supported by personal reflection and commitment. This chapter explains how to let go of the anger in your life without arguing.

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Some key points from this chapter include visualizing the person when you are angry, imagining that you are a light beam that dispels their anger, and using the magic wand technique.

8. Accepting yourself and others

To let go of anger, you have to accept yourself and others. Decide to forgive as the best way. Forgiveness is not about forgetting the past or trying to be friends with those who hurt you. It’s about being able to move on without resentment and with a clear conscience.

9. Ignore Issues that brought about the anger

Arguing can sometimes make the situation worse. It’s important to control anger before it controls you. This is easier said than done, but there are steps that everyone should take if they want to gain control of their emotions and maintain a calm state of mind.

One way to let go of anger is to ignore the issues that brought about the anger in the first place. For example, if someone has always been late, try not to bring up that fact anymore. Instead, focus on your life and what you are grateful for.

10. Be mature in handling Issues

The question is not how to let go of anger, it’s whether you can. If you can’t, then another person is the problem, not your anger. The key to understanding your anger is this: if you hold onto it, it will control you. If you release your anger and leave the situation, you have more power than the other person by having moved on.

Smile and feel happy

It may seem like an impossible task to let go of your anger and learn to live in peace, but it is possible. There are many ways to do this, such as by practicing forgiveness, talking to a friend, or doing something nice for someone else. If you have difficulty letting go of anger, try the following exercise:

When you smile, you don’t have to say a thing. When you smile and look at someone, their day will be better. Is that not worth it? The next time you feel anger boiling up, remember to take a deep breath, take a moment to step back, and let go of the anger.

For example, when you see someone driving like an idiot, instead of screaming and making others angry by fighting with them, take a deep breath and smile at the person. It is always best to let things go.


This list is a good place to start. Take even just one way and use it to let go of your anger. You may be surprised at how much you can forgive, give, and care for others without arguing. Check out the extra ways to let go of your anger without arguing.
1. Get in touch with your true emotions; don’t allow yourself to be tricked into thinking you’re angry when you’re not.
2. Inquire about your reasoning—find out the root cause of why you’re angry, and take action on it.
3. Focus on what’s happening now—dwell on the present moment and focus on feeling good, instead of getting upset over a past event that has already passed!
4. Try to recall another time when you felt similar—try to think back to when you felt similarly hurt and see how it went for you then.
5. Choose to be happy. Choose peace and happiness over anger, no matter how