15 Popular Foods in Ghana You Must Eat

When you come to Ghana, one special good memory you will leave with is the variety of food the country has to offer you. Although the country has many diverse cultures and languages, one thing that unites us it’s the food we eat. Although different backgrounds, we share so much in the food that unites us as a country. In this article, we bring you a list of 15 Popular Foods in Ghana that You Must not miss.

1. Fufu

Most popular foods in Ghana

Fufu is a very popular delicacy among Ghanaians and is also known by different names among its neighboring countries. Fufu is one of the most Popular Foods in Ghana You can not afford to miss it.

This delicacy is made from a pounded mixture of boiled cassava and plantain or yam and it is mostly eaten with palm nut light soup or groundnut soup.

The Akans are known to use fufu as their staple food. Other people or tribes from different regions of Ghana are also making this their top priority.

If you find yourself in Ghana, try to have a taste of this food,, and trust me, Ghana will be your next home to live in and do business.


2. Banku

popular foods in Ghana to taste

Banku is made from fermented corn dough and cassava dough and these are mixed and then stirred on fire in a cooking pot until it becomes solid.

You can take it with several options like, grilled or fried Tilapia and some grounded hot pepper. If you prefer to eat it with soup then you can opt for groundnut soup or pounded palm nut soup. Another soup you can take with banku is okra stew or soup which on the other hand, is one of the commonest soups that matches well with banku.

This delicacy is one of the Popular Foods in Ghana and is commonly found in southern, eastern, and western regions but in present-day Ghana, it can be found in every corner of the country.


3. Waakye (Rice and Beans)

Wakye as popular foods in Ghana
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Waakye is so popular it can be found in every corner of the country and it is one of the most Popular Foods in Ghana. Waakye gets its name from the leaves that give it color. First, the beans are boiled until it is cooked but not so soft then the rice is added to them. The mixture is then allowed to boil together until it is both are completely cooked.


It is normally eaten with gari, tomato sauce, and shito. Stagette is also added and it is eaten with beef or eggs though sometimes your chicken or guinea fowl is preferred.


4. Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi in short TZ is a very common meal among the people of northern Ghana especially the Dagaabas, Dagombas, and Gonjas among others. This delicacy is made from corn dough and becomes soft like fufu and banku when properly cooked.

This meal can be taken with dry or fresh okra stew or soup, groundnut soup, and palm nut soup but is famously eaten with green leaves (pumpkin leaves) soups by the people of northern Ghana.

If you come to the northern part of Ghana and you don’t eat TZ then you have not really visited the amazing region.


5. Jollof Rice

Image of Jollof been a popular foods in Ghana

The origin of the famous jollof rice has always been debated over by Ghana and its neighboring countries Nigeria and Senegal all claiming trademarks of the famous rice dish.

It will take a whole article to talk in detail about jollof rice but we will break it down for you in this list of Popular Foods in Ghana.

Although very delicious, preparing it is very difficult and complicated. It needs special attention if not it will not be properly cooked or overcooked or just end up burning it. You will need the right amount of water, heat, and time to properly prepare this delicacy.

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In a nutshell, jollof is prepared by simply boiling rice in a tomato stew till it is nicely cooked. It is preferably eaten with chicken, goat, or beef, and crisp salad.

6. Gobe Or Gari and Beans

Gobe is a local name for boiled beans. The beans are usually cooked and then palm oil is added to give them that red oily look.

It is usually eaten with gari and fried plantain, vegetables, and eggs. This is the only food that is having its festival in Ghana named as Gobe festival.

Gobe is so common and popular among Ghanaians that former president John Dramani Mahama called it a national asset and encouraged Ghanaians to eat a lot more of it.

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7. Kenkey

Kenkey is another delicacy that brings the people of Ghana together as one nation despite our cultural and language differences and is one of the most Popular Foods in Ghana. Kenkey can be found virtually in every part of the country.

Locally known as  Komi or dorkunu, Kenkey is made from corn dough and prepared in dry corn husks.

Kenkey is most often eaten with fried fish and hot pepper sauce or spicy black pepper sauce known among Ghanaians as shito.

8. Red Red

Red Red (korkoor) gets its nickname for its deep-red color. Red Red is just fried plantain commonly eaten with fish like pilchards or mackerel and sometimes with peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

It can be eaten alone but can be served with rice.


9. Rice ball (Omotuo)

A rice ball also known as Omotuo is made from boiled rice which is then stirred and shaped to form small balls and hence the name rice ball. A lot of water is added and it allowed to over to become soft and smooth to allow easy swallowing.

It is commonly taken with groundnut soup but may be taken with any other preferred soup like palm nut soup

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10. Wasawasa (Yam Flour Meal)

Foods in Ghana
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Wasawasa is prepared from ground peelings of dried yam flour, which has a deep dark brown color when cooked and is cut and formed into tiny black balls.

Local people eat it with hot black pepper and stew and sometimes garnished with sliced onions and tomatoes.

This dish is popular among the people of Northern Ghana.


11. Kelewele

Kelewele is one of the most popular foods in Ghana consisting of deep-fried plantain chunks which are seasoned with a variety of spices and served alongside the stew.


12. Tubaani (Bean Pudding)

Tubaani is another food that is common among the people of Northern Ghana. Tubaani is made of bean flour. The flour is then mixed with water and stirred into a pudding. Then it is carefully wrapped in leaves or robber polytene steamed in boiling water.

It can be served with just ground pepper and onions or with pepper stew.  The delicacy has a distinctive aroma that draws people to it and has a very pleasant taste that one will not forget over a lifetime.


13. Akpele

When you travel to the volta region, you should try out Akpele. It is a very common food among the people of the Volta Region of Ghana. Almost similar to banku, the only difference is that whiles banku is made from corn dough Akpele is made from cornflour. This delicacy can be eaten with okra soup and crabs or one might just love to eat Akpele with hot pepper and some fried fish.

14. Kokonte

Kokonte is very famous and commonly eaten throughout most of the regions and is one of the Popular Foods in Ghana. Because of its fame, it has several aliases which include “face the wall”, “black gold”, “agyenkwa” (savior), “lapiwa” and several others.

This meal is mostly eaten with groundnut soup because they taste perfect in the mouth. However, it is also eaten with other soups like palm nut and okra soups.


15.Angwamu (baby rice)

Angwamu was also known by others as baby rice one of the simplest dishes to prepare. Some ingredients one might need are vegetable oil, salt, and onions. Angwamu can be prepared within thirty minutes.

This delicacy is mostly eaten with pepper sauce and fried eggs or sardines and tastes so amazing it will leave you wanting more.

Do you also know of any food you think was left out? Just send a message to us in the comment section.