45 Small Business Ideas for Teens to Start (2023 and Beyond)


We always hear that entrepreneurs are born but on the contrary, the skills can be transferred from one to the other. The future of our children depends on what they learn not only what school teaches. Having a business in mind can only be realized when you take action now. We have taken the opportunity to give you 45 small business ideas for teens that can help you make a way.

You may not need money for some of them but the seriousness and consistency can change your life. If you love to work for yourself, then this is the time to choose one of the business ideas to make life better in the future. Starting a business start with your mindset and the readiness to start. Let’s walk you through these 45 business ideas that may cost you $0 to start as a teen.

When you read the Robert Kiyosaki book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” you will see how they started a business at an early stage and made it become a reality when they grew. Warren Buffet sold chewing gums to his neighbors when he was 6 years. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurship dream.

Benefits of starting your own small business ideas for teens

There are many businesses available and some of these are beneficial to teens. If you want to start a small business, we have several business tips here for small business ideas for teens to take advantage of.

Check the Flexibility of the business

Because you are a student, you must make sure that the business does not affect your studies. Choose the business of your choice which will not affect your education as a teen. A great small business ideas for teens is one that will not affect your time of studies.


Check the Cost Involve

Check the cost involved in the business you want to start. Any good small business ideas for teens should not require a lot of money to do. It should be a business that requires less or no capital to start. Understand the best possible ways how to grow your income earn.


The Site of the Business

Consider the location of your business and make sure it is closer to your home. When your business is closer to home, you can easily manage and build awareness of it. Don’t locate a business far from you as long as you want to become an entrepreneur.


It Serves as Extra Income

When you are able to start your own business, then you have the opportunity to earn extra income. The reason why many start small business ideas for teens is to earn extra income for livelihood.


45 Small Business Ideas for Teens to Start

1. Content Writer

You can write articles for some people to earn money to support yourself. It may not require any funds to start with. You only need to learn how to write articles for others to hire your services.

If you become an expert in writing, you can sign up on Fiverr for bloggers to contact you for a business deal. You can even become a freelancer on Upwork for others to hire you for your services.


2. Blogger/ Vlogging

Did you know that you make money from blogging? If you have any small business ideas for teens, then you can start a blog to share those ideas.  You will soon earn money from it through google ads or sponsored ads. This may allow you to make money from home without going to rent an office.


3. Digital Designs

Do you have any skills in graphics? Yes, take charge to make money from that using your mobile phone or computer. If you can use applications like adobe photoshops then this is the best business for you to start.


4. Cleaning service

Do not wait for work to chase you but find ways to create the job. You can make money from home cleaning services. Others may not do but as an entrepreneur, this is an opportunity for you to grow your wealth. You just have to search for people who need your services and negotiate how much they should pay for your services.

5. Podcaster

Podcasting is becoming one of the interesting ventures in the media space. You can make money from podcasts as one of the small business ideas for teens who are eager to start. What are you interested in? Make sure you do good work for the people out there to benefit.


6. Marketing Consulting

Marketing is the key to making money both offline and online. Create a social media platform, and grow it well to educate others on marketing techniques. You can also use your blog or channel to educate others on marketing.


7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the small business ideas for teens that can change your personal finance. In this type of business, you don’t need any product to market but you market for others and get a commission in return. There is so many websites that you can create your own account and start earning affiliate commissions.


8. Social Media Content

Do you know how to create a compelling story using your social media page? If yes, then this is your business to start. Find ways to drive traffic to your page. You can sell to other people using your page and this becomes a money magnet for you.


9. Marketing Expert

You train marketers for other companies. You train marketers who can close businesses for commission. Marketing companies will pay you to get some of the trained officers. This can be done using online recruitment tools without necessarily meeting them.


10. Business Consultant

You may be young to give business consulting. However, you can have a special skill to share with entrepreneurs. Learn a unique skill that can fetch you money when you share it with others.



11. Animation Creation

Create animated videos on marketing, business, health, relationship, or comedy to make money. Starting animations is not difficult again as compared to previous years. You can use free tools to start an animation. Canva.com can even help you start your own animations in exchange for money.


12. Packaging Designer

The knowledge you have in graphic design will help you make extra income from this particular skill. Focus on creating different packages which will entice business owners to buy the products. Be different from other designers that are also in the same industry.


13. Car Washing Business

Car washing is one of the businesses will recommend for you as a teen in need of money to start a small business. It can help you make extra money during the weekends. Work with those around your area who have cars and use them as your client base. Car owners always want their car to look good so take advantage of this business.

Doing your business house to house may give you more money because your customers will be happy. Try to approach car owners during weekends with your smooth sponge and other washing materials.


14. Short Comedy Creation

Youtubers and Tiktokers are cashing out every month from their craft. If you are already having a skill in comedy, then entertain people with your skill through short comedy. Upload them to your channel for more views. You will start to earn if you get the required number of watch hours recommended by YouTube and TikTok.


15. Music Moral

Do you have any skills in playing musical instruments like the piano, guitar, or cello? If yes, monetize your skills by passing your knowledge to other children on weekends.

Let your neighbors know that you are offering music lessons for other children at a low cost and you will be surprised by the amount of money you can make at the end of every week.

Try t advertise your business on various social media platforms for more customers to come on board. Give out your best for your trainees to bring more business to you.


16. Delivery Business

Another small business idea for teens is to start a delivery business. You can become a point of contact to deliver goods to people in your area. Shear your flyers on social media for people to know what you do.


17. Web Designer

Do you have specialized computer skills? If you can create a website then you have the opportunity to make money from that skills. You can design for companies and individuals to make more money.

Web design is a lucrative business since companies want their services to be seen by their potential customers. Give out your best for more customers.


18. Painting Business

As you are aware as painters make a lot of money from their skills, you as a teen can make extra money from it. You can learn this from YouTube. I personally painted my room without hiring anyone to watch YouTube videos.


19. Wall sticker

This is similar to painting. Pick up your phone and learn how to place wallpapers. Let others know you can do this work and get paid for your service.


20. Run Errands

You can start to make money by running errands for other people. This business can be good for those who are home-bound. The fortunate thing about this business is that you don’t need any specialized skills.


21. Gift Wrapper

If you want to make money during Christmas, then wrapping gifts for people can help you. Make sure you can do an eye-catching job for people to pay you for it. You can get more referrals for your good work.


22. TikToker

Do you have more followers on TikTok? Create outstanding ads for businesses and get paid for them. You are likely to get an ambassadorial job for other companies if you are an influencer of TikTok.


23 . Videographer

If you have skills in video editing, then you can offer services as a videographer for other small businesses in your place. You will be hired for events and businesses to make money. There are some 9 best video editing apps here we selected for you.


24. Online Tutor

What do you know special that others don’t know? Solve their problem with your online tutoring. Set up online classes to teach others. Serious people will pay to learn the skills you have for them.


25. Pet Sitting

People make money by looking after others’ pets. Don’t you think you can make money doing the same business? You must have experience and passion in taking care of pets. You must be a trustworthy person before getting into such a business. There are people in need of such people to do that business so you can become one of them.


26. Baby Care

This is a business that can fetch teen money to do exceptional business. During your weekends or after school, you can be of help to your neighbor’s children. Be kind to people and show love for children. Never make children hate you. Let others see the reason why they should allow their kids to be with you in their absence.


27. Personal Shopper

What do you know about shopping? If you love shopping and can do it for others, try building a business around it.


28. Social media influencing

Teenagers are very good in terms of social media usage. When it comes to writing and sharing information, they can impress you with their craft and influence. Are you one of those people who can share a piece of information to get more eyeballs? Then build a business around this skill.


29. Photography

Photography is another small business ideas for teens to start as entrepreneurs. It offers great career opportunities for teens to start making money. Being a photographer, you will be given the opportunity to take pictures of people or products.

Photographers make a lot of money when they are given the chance to take pictures during events or the creation of new products. You will need to buy a quality camera to start this business. I also recommend you rent for some time before buying because you don’t have enough at the start of the business.


30. Greeting Card Writer

Teens have a lot of opportunities to turn things around and greeting card writing is one of those opportunities. They can begin by selling their own greeting cards and Shopify using print-on-demand card isle. Better still, they can try freelancing for Hallmark.


31. Landscaping Business

Teens who love gardening and can handle a shovel can make a business from landscaping. This can be done effectively by starting with mowing lawns and fluctuating dirt. Eventually, teens can proceed in shaping backyards from scratch to make money.


32. Selling Personal Craft

Teens who can design unique and special crafts can make money from them. They create and sell it out to people in their locality or online.


33. Streaming Game

Do you know that you can make money from streaming video games? If you are a lover of video games, then try to monetize them to make money. There is a lot of live stream of video gamers that make crazy money from their business.


34. Rent Agent

You can become a source of contact for people who need accommodation. Build a profile online and advertise to prospective customers. You make commission and rental agency fees directly from the customer. This is a lifetime business for many people. This gives you the knowledge of how to invest in the real estate business.


34. Dog Walking

You can get paid for a dog walking business in your locality. Let people know you can handle dogs well and be kind to those you meet.


35. House-Sitting Business

This is by offering unique services of taking care of a house for those who travel. Charge a fee for that service delivery.


36. Create an App or Game

Do you have any coding knowledge? If yes, then create your own app or game to make money from it as people download it from the google play store.


37. Clothing Design

Channel the special design skills you have into your own brand and sell to people to make money. This can be sold online or offline to people interested.


38. T-Shirt Design

Create your own designs to be included on t-shirts. You can sell them online to make money.


39. Lawn Care

Market your services around your neighborhood for those interested in your lawn care service. The best is to be able to good care of the lawns as specified in your business contract.


40. Data Entry Work

Some companies need people to enter data for them and get paid. If you are interested in that business, then you can sign up for one to start making money from it.


41. Party Entertaining Business

You can start a business from this by offering services for events organized. You can show skills there to entertain the audience and make money from it.


42. Beads Making Business

Teens can make money from beads making. They can combine the colors of beads and decorate them with sandals, bags, or other products. They can sell them online or in supermarkets.


43. Sell for Commission

To earn, you must learn.   You can learn by selling products or services that pay you on commission bases. It helps you to build courage and strengthen your marketing skills. You don’t need any new product, just sell for others and make money from it.


44. Proofreading Business

You read to make corrections of grammar and errors. Teens can make money from this business as well. You can even get paid for reading novels.



45. Fashion Designer

Teens with their own machines can make and sell their own designs to make money. You can also buy and sell in addition to the ones you already sowed.


Give Away Tips

As a teen ready to start a business, you must have the mindset of investment. Invest any small money you get from your business. Start small and grow it with experience.

These small business ideas for teens we are given to you here can change your life if you are willing to handle it well. You can choose an automatic investment plan to help you have things done well for you.