6 Compelling Reasons Why Human Touch is Important- Complete Guide

Reasons Why Human Touch is Important

What do you know about the human touch?

Human touch, or somatic contact with another person, can be described as one of the most important ways to show your feelings and come in connection with other people on an emotional level.

It is not always about being romantic or sexual but it can be used to calm someone special you have down when the person is upset, make the person smile, or even remind the person that you care more and you’re there to support in any form that situations require.

I have here your six reasons why human touch is important and can be applied in various ways – from handling agonies to expressing love to others, from boosting creativity to encouraging relaxation and sleep.


1) Humans want to be held

Take it from the moment your mum gave birth to you until your last day on earth, the human touch is a fundamental requirement. It is deemed to know the importance of Holding, caressing, and hugging all release oxytocin, which has the power of calming and reducing emotional or body stress.

Oxytocin is on the other way referred to as the cuddle hormone or hormone linked to love because it supports what is terms as bonding, trust, and attachment. It is capable of reducing body stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. And when people pet their pets, they get a reduction in their blood pressure!

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2) Our human body is built for touching 

Reasons Why Human Touch is Important

Nature created our body unique and expects to be touched for self-consciousness. Research has categorically proven that younger kids who are not touched will fail to thrive and may pass on at a younger age. Similarly, research has also proven that adults who fail to get enough touch can get side effects on their health, including depression, anxiety, and even cardiovascular-related health failures. Touch brings about a sense of belonging, comprehension, love, self-awareness and comfort – and reduces stress on all levels.

Touch differ in so many forms: some types include tight hugs, back rubs (light), firmly massaging, cuddling/snuggling (warm), kiss and intimacy. Pick any form of touch you like and see the positive effect on your mental and physical health!

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3) Interaction is what helps our development

We have been created to be interacted and share our thoughts with others in unique ways. Unfortunately, it is different now as the world changes, we often dedicate our quality time that is meant for the family to the work we do. Not denying the facts, the human touch is very important when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

These also explain the reasons why human touch is important :

1) Physical contact inspires a chemical called oxytocin, which boosts our body’s feelings toward positivity. It in turn helps in calming us down and reduces body stress.

2) Children who are fortunate to receive enough physical contact with their parents respond to issues well than those who never get that opportunity.

3) Studies show that those people who get enough time together with their family exhibit less stress and reduce emotional trauma.

4) People who form part of physical touch form stronger bonds than those who get none or remain single.

5) Holding hands has been revealed to lower heart levels and reduce the body stress we get day after day.

6) It is revealed that children, who get just 10 minutes of parental hugs each day, get good self-esteem than those who get none.

Reasons Why Human Touch is Important

4) Early humans got more touched than this generation

Early humans got enough touch than today which was part of the reason for good health in that era. They had a good touch from their parents, siblings, and other members of their tribe who comes in to visit them at family gatherings.

This regular physical contact formed part of the reason for the massive love and care that was portrayed during that period. Human touch contributed to the stronger bonds that were built among family ties.

Later in life, the touch we all get helps us to feel secure from any intruder. Nowadays people are not getting more touched due to the digital world and social media. Instead, dedicate more of our time to Television and other devices for long periods each day.


5) The human body accepts touch more than imagined

The skin is the largest organ in the body and with so many nerves than respond positively to touch. What humans fail to know is that touch forms a major part of our body development.

Research done by Dr Robert Coan discovered that those couples who hugged for at least 20 seconds during nay stressful program or meeting get a lower level of cortisol  (stress hormone) better than couples who fail to do so.

Anxieties and stress can be reduced if you hug your loved ones keenly. Adopting just a quick embrace can help you get these benefits. If you want to increase feelings then practice hugging, it is a great tool for hoven away depression and keeps your blood pressure in check, and helps you to be healthy.

Why do you think so many choose a great profession like nursing? It’s because they want to help people by offering warmth and comfort through human touch!


6) Get your Blood Pressure Down by Embracing Human Touch

When you get good touched, your body can release the hormone oxytocin. This hormone has much importance, including stress reduction, bringing down blood pressure, and even boosting the immune system for good health.

In addition, it can help promote healing and increase the feelings of a happy family. So next time you’re feeling stressed or down, don’t forget the power of a simple hug or touch from a loved one. It might just be the boost you need to get through another day!