6 Scholarship to Study Abroad In Japan 2023


Do you want a scholarship to study abroad in Japan? We have good news for you. There are several opportunities available in Japan for international students like you to apply. This article will explain in detail about the scholarships given by the top Universities in Japan, stipends, and all the processes to get access.

We shall be sharing with you the top 10 scholarships at Japan’s top Universities for international students for this year 2023-2024. These selected scholarships provide monthly allowances or stipends of $2000 and above in addition to tuition fees, accommodation controls, insurance for health, and travel allowance.

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Make sure you apply for fully funded scholarships with all benefits for your dream school in Japan. Check and select the schools that offer the courses you prefer. We have scholarships in top universities such as Kyoto University, Waseda University, the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, and others.

1. Freeman-ASIA Award from the Freeman Foundation

When you are looking for scholarships to study abroad in Japan, you cannot miss having access to the Freeman-ASIA Award program. This award includes paying for your airfare, expenses on your books, and other costs in terms of transport when you get there.

These opportunities are offered for those in need of 2 years program or a four-year program. This award is available to support international students interested to pursue their academics in East or Southern Asia.

The Scholarship Amount: this opportunity ranges from $3000 for summer study, a semester, or a quarterly cost of $5,000 and the Academic year may give you up to $7000.

How the offer works: The offer Varies; it can be yearly, and you must apply through your home institution.

What is the Deadline? All applications for 2023-2024 will be open in early 2023.


2. MEXT Scholarship Opportunity

This is a fully funded scholarship for international students to study in Japan. This opportunity is available for undergraduates, masters, Ph.D., and training studies in Japan. This offer will help you to cover tuition fees, accommodation, stipends, and travel expenses including airfare. This is offered by Japanese Universities and covers Undergraduates to Ph.D. studies in Japan.


3. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Opportunities

Looking for scholarships to study abroad in Japan is not a challenge again because of the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation opportunity. This offers a fully funded opportunity for international students. It offers opportunities for master’s and Ph.D. students. Honjo scholarship gives monthly allowance, accommodation fees, and travel expenses.

It is offered by Honjo International Scholarship foundations for masters and Ph.D. Studies.

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4. Funded for Education Abroad Foundation for Global Scholars Scholarship

This is a program dedicated to supporting students looking for scholarships for studying abroad in Japan. It offers people will less privilege, minorities, community colleges, and other forms of students. You can give a try to this opportunity if you are looking for such an opportunity.

This is not country-specific, it gives the opportunity up to four weeks and students must be able to demonstrate that the courses they take abroad will benefit the US-based institutions.

Students can get the minimum award of $1,250 for summer study, one semester support of $5,000, and $10,000 for the full academic year.

Waiting for Deadline? It starts early in the year and closes after some time.


5. NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship

If you are a student looking for scholarships to study abroad in Japan, then take a look at NIG postdoctoral fellowship. This is a fully funded scholarship for international students. It gives you an opportunity for up to 3 years and hires people and reappoints on an annual basis. It gives a good salary of approximately 4, 1000,000 JPY, and tax will be paid, mutual health insurance, and other allowances. Try applying for this opportunity here.


6. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

This is a fully funded scholarship for master’s international students. This is an opportunity that covers full tuition fees, accommodation allowance, economy class airfare, and monthly stipends. It is given opportunities for international master’s students. Check the deadline and step-by-step application process.