8 Reasons Why True Friends Stands For You

true friends

Do you know who true friends are?

Can you fathom why true stands for you in times of difficulties?

Not all friends can be called true companions. Some friends come into your life to make you or break you. It’s not easy to spot a good friend and when you find one, they always whack you in front.

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True friends tell you the reality not what you think. They rather prefer to tell the truth than a political type of conversation.

If you are wandering and can’t extrapolate why they impale you in front, off any noise-making device, take time and carefully digest the guidelines below.

Coming next are the 8 reasons why true friends stand for you all time.

1. They Want the Best for You

 A true friend is the one who knows and chooses the best for you.

Some people mistakenly mistake best friends for the worse. They think those that say sugar-coated things about them are their real friends. They tend to rebuke the ones that criticize them and think they are the bad nut.

Even when you choose a dress that doesn’t fit you, true friends will be sincere and tell you, it’s nice but it doesn’t nice on you. These are the best friends but we think they are jealous that’s why they said that. True friends want the best for you that is why they stab you in front.

2. True Friends Don’t Want To Lose You

 It is not easy to come by true friends. They are scarce, so when you get one you need to keep them tight.

True friends can’t afford to lose you because of your worth and the value you’ve added to their life. They are always poised to do anything they can to keep you.

When this happens, they say things they think are good for you but you think they are not supposed to say that right in front of you. Do you say those that speak the truth are bad? Your true friend says the right things before you because they don’t want to lose you.

3. They Want To Be Honest With You

Honesty is one of the qualities of a true friend. To find someone who is truthful and factual to you is not easy. Most pals are liars, they always cook and cover things that will make you happy to believe them.

The real one won’t hide anything but will rather spit the truth right in front of you. They know that when they lurk any single truth from you, it will hunt you tomorrow.

“True friends criticize you in private and defend you in public.” – Atta Frank.

4. They Want To See You Winning

People think those who criticize them are enemies of progress. They believe their critics wish them to fail, but it is not true. The very friend who condemned your bad act in front of you is your savior. They make sure everything is going on well for you.

They fight for you when you are losing and celebrate with you when you win. Don’t let such people go off your life. Genuine friends stab you in your presence to ensure you win.

5. Genuine friends suffer when you are suffering

When you are going through pains, they feel it. That’s why true friends ensure they speak the truth even if it will cost them to lose you. Real friends can’t afford to see you going through hell, they make sure you do the right thing to avoid any future occurrences.

You going through discomforts, distress them. So they make sure you are doing the right thing by speaking the truth before you.

6. True Friends Need You More Than You Need Them 

true friends

Are you wondering why those friends you offended are still being with you?

Well, because they need you more than you need them. You possess some qualities that every friend wants to learn or have, so they make sure everything is going on well for you. When they spot anything bad about you, they can’t keep it.

Your well-being is their well-being. Hence, they tell you the truth to safeguard their friendship with you.

7. To Save You and Save Their Friendship

True friends can’t keep bad things within themselves; they will let the cat out of the bag to save. When you get embarrassed in public it will affect them. They always caution you on things that will put their friendship with you at risk.

 8. They Are Afraid Something Bad Might Happen To You

 Genuine friends see dangers ahead and try as hard as possible to get you out of it. Don’t be offended when your friend is cautious or warns you.

Don’t argue and think they wish you bad. They are saving you from perils ahead. Listen to what they are saying in good faith and thank them.

To sum up, Akan people in Ghana will say ” De3 otwa sa nnim s3 nakyi akyea”. It literally means He who is leading doesn’t know what is happening at the back. So never think your front stabbers are your enemies, rather your backstabbers. True friends won’t stab you in the back but in front.