A Lady Who Refused to Marry Boyfriend After Sponsoring Her Abroad Dies from Curse

A young Ghanaian lady of 34 years whose baby daddy sponsored her to Egypt has died due to a curse from 30 gods used on her.

A report we cited shows that Diana refused to allow her ex-husband who gave all financial support for her to Egypt to benefit when things were going well.

The baby daddy’s name is Twumasi. He helped Diana to travel to Egypt for a house help job for $300 a month the past 7 years ago.

Twumasi asked her about the salary but Diana refused to disclose the amount he earns. Several attempts by the baby daddy to know the salary of his lady failed.

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Diana as we know the lady’s name is refused all attempts by Twumasi to see the salary. It sparked an argument and exchange of insults in the process.

As a result of this argument, and exchange of words, Diana called for a breakup of their relationship. As a result, Twumasi got angry at the act of his lady.

Twumasi as a result of the anger from the break up did not forgive Diana but resorted to curses as a reward for what Diana did.

Diana got sick and all treatment from her doctors failed. This made her believe it is as a result of what she did to Twumasi.

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She quickly returned to Ghana to reconcile what has happened with Twumasi so that the curses would be overturned for her to be healthy again.

Her sickness got intense and she couldn’t survive it but died from the curses of Twumasi when she was receiving treatment at the hospital.

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