Achraf Hakimi’s Wife, Net Worth, Born, Salary, and All Stories

Achraf Hakimi Wife, Net Worth, Born, Salary and All Stories
Photo credit: Hiba Abouk Instagram

Spanish actress Hiba Abouk and Moroccan professional footballer Achraf Hakimi’s marriage seems to have hit the rocks as it has been reported that Abouk has filed for divorce. This article will cover Achraf Hakimi’s wife, Achraf Hakimi’s net worth, Achraf Hakimi’s salary, Achraf Hakimi born, and his religion.

The trend of this young man sparked a lot of controversies because he had one of the most controversial divorces and many think he outsmarted his wife.

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As discussed earlier, we shall hold a significant discussion on what you never know about this gentleman. He was hailed by many young men for winning his case during his divorce case.

Who is Achraf Hakimi’s wife?

Achraf Hakimi’s wife’s name is Hiba Abouk. This beautiful lady is a Spanish actress who also filed for divorce after an alleged rape case by the defender.

The defender was accused of raping a 24-year-old woman which compelled Hiba Abouk to ask the husband to end the relationship. But to the shock of Achraf Hakimi’s wife, all properties were registered in his mother’s name.

Other Related Stories about Achraf Hakimi’s Wife and Relationship

Hiba Abouk 34 first met Achraf Hakimi 22 in 2018 during a photo shoot for Vogue Arabia when he was still with Real Madrid and began dating in early 2018 and got married later in February 2020 in Madrid. Before that Abouk and Hakimi first made their romance public in June 2019 during a charity event in Madrid, and they formally declared it two months later on Instagram.

Ever since they tied the knot in 2020, they currently have had two children. Also, in October 2022, the pair were featured on the cover of Vogue Arabia.

According to recent rumors, there has been a significant development in the Hakimi divorce stories since the 36-year-old actress and mother of two filed for divorce from the Paris Saint Germain player.

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According to an unconfirmed report that has since gone viral on social media, during the court proceedings, the footballer’s divorced wife discovered through her lawyers that Hakimi’s bank accounts were empty because he had given his mother possession of all of his assets, leaving the Spanish-Tunisian actress with no access to his assets.

Since neither Hakimi nor his wife, Hiba, have corroborated this story, worldtrending247 is unable to confirm its authenticity of it.

The divorce between Achraf Hakimi and his estranged wife, Hiba Abouk, is still pending, according to social media sources, she has allegedly requested half of his assets. She was surprised to see that all of his assets and income had been registered in his mother’s name, despite the fact that he is said to have no assets of his own.

For months, there had been rumors that they were divorcing, and last month, Abouk confirmed it on Instagram by writing that they were no longer living together while a divorce was being processed.

Earlier, worldtrending247 had reported that Hakimi’s marriage faced difficulties after being accused of sexual assault. Later, it was disclosed that Hiba Abouk had decided to split from the PSG player as they were no longer living together due to concerns about his way of life.

Reports suggest that all Abouk wanted Hakimi to do was to spend more time with her and their children, whereas Hakimi preferred to attend parties whenever he pleased. Nevertheless, despite the issues in their relationship, the 24-year-old did not neglect his responsibilities as a father while they were still together.

The news of their separation has come as a shock to many fans and social media users as Abouk filed for divorce around March 2023 and they have been expressing their sadness at the couple’s separation. Many have also been hoping that they can work things out for the sake of their children. Abouk, who has a large social media following, has not posted anything on her Instagram account since early April, while Hakimi has been active on his own social media accounts, posting updates on his football career.

Neither Abouk nor Hakimi has made any public statement regarding the divorce, and it is unclear what caused the breakdown of their marriage. Initially, Hiba Abouk stayed silent on social media after Hakimi was accused of rape while she and the family were in Dubai. The 36-year-old model then voiced her shock and humiliation over the allegations in an interview, and she gave a justification for why she took so long to respond. She stated that she will always stand up for the victims on her Instagram story.

The news of Hiba Abouk and Achraf Hakimi’s impending divorce has sparked a flurry of opinions on social media. While some have commended Hakimi for allegedly taking steps to secure his assets, others have criticized Abouk for being greedy and seeking financial gain from the separation.

As the divorce proceedings continue, many are curious about how the division of assets will play out. Given that Hakimi has no known properties or assets in his name, some are speculating whether he will be entitled to any of Abouk’s wealth, although legal experts suggest this is highly unlikely.

How much is Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth?

The millionaire Achraf Hakimi’s net worth is about $24 million and earns $15 million from his club PSG. The Moroccan international footballer according to credible sources is worth 24 million and the interesting part of the story is that 80% of his earnings are in his mother’s name.

His affection for his mother is so high and he trusts his mother to control his wealth. This was manifested to all of us during the just-ended World Cup 2022. The issue that made this 24 years footballer a viral person is the result of their divorce from his wife.

How much is Achraf Hakimi salary?

Per our analysis of Achraf Hakimi’s salary, he earned differently based on the team he played. We shall start with his 2021 team Inter Milan where his weekly salary is 123,269 Euros, and his annual salary of 6.4 Million Euros.

According to a report cited, when he joined PSG from 2021 to 2022, he was earning 279,808 Euros an annual salary of 14.5M Euros. He also earns from 2022 to 2023 weekly salary with his team 234,621 Pounds and an annual salary of 12.4m Pounds.

 When was Achraf Hakimi born, and his religion?

Many keep asking when Achraf Hakimi was born and we are glad to give you all the details. Achraf was born on November 4, 1998, and is now 24 years of age. He was born in Madrid Spain to Moroccan parents. He is a practicing Muslim.