Breaking: NPP Responds After Alan Kyerematen’s Resignation and Urged Members to Support the Party

The ruling New Patriotic Party seems not so happy about the resignation of flagbearer hopeful Alan Kyerematen from the party. Yesterday, at exactly 2:00 p.m., Alan announced his resignation from the party with immediate effect. 

NPP response
Alan Kyerematen and Justin Kodua

The entire party was shocked by the sudden resignation of Alan Kyerematen from such a noble party to contest as an independent president in the coming general elections. 

In a special address yesterday, September 25, 2023, Mr. Kyerematen declared his resignation from the NPP and ran for office as an independent under the banner of the Movement of Change, a brand-new organization.


This decision by Alan has sent a shock wave to the rank and file of the party in government, which is a threat to their success in 2024. 

If you can recall, Alan Kyerematen resigned in 2008, just as he did yesterday, while blaming the National Executive Council for not being helpful to him.

>> I will Contest for Presidency as an Independent Candidate-Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen

After making this announcement yesterday, the party leadership has issued a statement to urge all their supporters to remain resolute and calm during the happenings. 

They described in their statement that the party has taken notice of the unfortunate decision made by Alan Kyerematen, a long-standing member of the party, to contest as an independent candidate in the 2024 election. 


The party urged their members to remain calm and awaited an official address by the party to the resignation of Alan Kyerematen. 

The party, at exactly 2.00 p.m. on September 26, 2023, addressed the nation to rally behind the NPP.


They also urged all party faithful who were in support of Alan Kyerematen to rally behind the party in order to break the 8.  

They sang their party anthem, claiming to win to save Ghana. They urged all supporters to be strong and propagate the work of the party. 


The general secretary, Justin Kodua, addressed the supporters and the entire nation to be steadfast for the party’s success in the coming days. In their press release, they claim that they were shocked by his decision but rather thanked him for his work. 

They claimed that many comments made by Alan during his address yesterday were inaccurate. 


 The petitions sent by him to the NEC to be considered were not accepted because the constitution governs the NPP as a party. 

Additionally, they addressed the untrue claim that the party lacks leaders who can aid in selecting leadership. They urged members to avoid insults and focus on the coming elections. 


No member should insult the members of Alan and his team but should rather urge them to come back to the party. The NPP responds after Alan Kyerematen’s resignation and urged members to be strong behind the elephant party.