British Prime Minister Liz Truss Resigns after 44 Days in Office (Reasons Known)

The British prime minister, Liz Truss Resigns just after 44 days in office. She was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II on the 6th of September, 2022. She is now the shortest-serving Prime Minister to be served in the history of British.

She stayed in the office for just six weeks. Some of the reason is due to the rapid economic reserve leading to her government struggling to manage.  The new prime minister will be selected by her Conservative Party in the coming day. The process is still unclear on the appointment of the new prime minister is.

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The party is sharply divided without consensus on the happenings in the government now. As am talking there is no clear agreement on who to succeed Truss as she resigned.

Truss is the 3rd female Prime minister of Britain and could not save their financial challenges. She tried all efforts to salvage the problem by even replacing 2 key cabinet posts over the past 2 weeks.

Liz Truss resigns and said “I cannot deliver the mandate for which I have been elected by the Conservative Party. I spoke to the king and notified him that I was resigning.”

Liz Truss said that they are waiting on leadership to elect who to replace her after her resignation.

She further explained that she remains the Prime minister until a new prime minister is appointed to take over from her. She was elected to office after a two-month-long leadership contest that comprised many rounds of voting among Conservative Party parliamentarians and two finalists vying for the support of the party’s general membership.

She made it known that the reason she was appointed to the office cannot be delivered as expected.

Some are even suggesting that it is time for Boris Johnson to come back again. Though the public is against Boris’s return as the Prime minister.

Top Reasons that Made Prime Minister Liz Truss Resign

  • She cannot deliver on the mandate upon which she was appointed to office.
  • Rapidly and disastrous economic reversed plan leading poor performance of the government.
  • Pressure to stabilize the economic situation led to the pound plunging against major international currencies.
  • Retain her credibility from the economic mess
  • The backlash from her own party members

Rishi Sunak is likely to replace Liz Truss after pointing out certain lapses in the Prime Minister’s economic plan. Rishi Sunak was the former finance minister of Britain. He came as the second person when Boris Johnson resigned as a successor and Truss was selected.

Another group is also in support of Penny Mordaunt, an experienced figure that stood in for Truss earlier this week in her absence and even gave assurance to the lawmakers that Truss was not hidden from them.

Liz Truss resigns as a result of her inability to deliver on her mandate. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see who will succeed as the prime minister.