Broken Heart Kofi Scattered His Girlfriend Room Crying Helplessly

Let’s be truthful it pains than a gunshot. Indeed it pains. Every good man has experienced this once or twice in his lifetime. Some can handle it perfectly while others being in their first experienced handle it weakly.

Many people, perhaps even more than once in their lives, have felt the anguish of a broken relationship. The happy endings in movies and books make it appear that it is simple to recover from a broken heart: either a couple gets back together or someone moves on to a better relationship.

A man seen on social media with the name Kofi could not hide his tears when the girlfriend showed him the exit rule. He has been seen on social media videos crying like a baby. Broken heart Kofi scattered his girlfriend’s room crying helplessly while his friends could not handle it.

Kofi went there without the girlfriend’s notice to pull out all her luggage dumped outside. It is indeed painful as broken heart Kofi scattered his girlfriend’s room crying helplessly to the people around.

Friends present were to help him but it all went in vain. He was seen in the video bringing out all the dirty cloth of his said girlfriend. Men suffer as people were saying in the video circulating.

Comments from the post suggested a lot and the following are some of them;

Nana Achiaa said “This will be painful….. so sorry… I’ve never experienced a broken heart before but with this, my marriage and all sacrifices I’ve made and still making. I feel this man’s pain….. may God strengthen anyone going this… sorry bro.”

Praise Afi Biamco ;The broken heart di33, ego reach everyone.”

Lamine Keita; “Sometimes is not love broken heart is the pain of being ungrateful remembering all sacrifice.”

Benard Owusu  also said, “When it happens like this you the guy know for sure the girl don’t love him but just calm yourself down you still want the girl to just lie to you that she love you heeeer BH.”

You can watch the video here. 

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