Chairman Wontumi Drags Afia Schwarzenegger for Violating the Terms of Her Bail

Chairman Wontumi has taken legal action against Afia Schwarzenegger for violating the terms of her bail, according to a recent report. The social media influencer was found in contempt of court in a previous case involving Chairman Wontumi and Nana Ama McBrown, Aplus panelists from the TV show, United Showbiz. Chairman Wontumi had sued Afia Schwarzenegger for slander, leading to a heated discussion on the show that resulted in Afia’s conviction.

During the case, a warrant was issued for her arrest, but Afia Schwarzenegger, however, did not complete her jail sentence she turned herself up, apologized, and her lawyer requested a fine in place of jail time. Based on the deal she signed, she was required to sign a 36-month good conduct bond and pay a GHC60,000 fee

Recent development shows that Chairman Wontumi’s legal team has accused her of “violating and disobeying the terms of the judgment of this court,” and has asked for the honorable court to punish her for continuing contempt.”

One of the terms of the conditions was that Afia Schwarzenegger should not discuss the matter on any platform while on bail. However, according to sources, she breached this order, leading to a new case against her.

According to Chairman Wontumi, Afia Schwarzenegger has taken to her social media handles to engage in social media insults; attacks, and impunity contrary to the bond to be of good behavior.

The applicant, Chairman Wontumi is suing Afia Schwarzenegger based on the following:

  1. Showing her half-nakedness to the public and social media followers, promoting nudity on her social media handle which offends public morals, and promoting obscenity on social media.
  2. Granting an Explosive interview with Zionfelix in Germany on Zionfelix T.V and discussed paragraph 23 of the statement of claim that forbid Respondent from discussing or granting an interview on the case parading before the court after the execution of the bond.

Based on these, Chairman Wontumi implies that Afia Schwarzenegger’s presence on social media is becoming worse on a daily basis in clear violation of the bond and has remained adamant in his pursuit of justice, stating that “nobody is above the law.” He added that “we all have to respect the rule of law and follow due process.”

Hence, Afia Schwarzenegger has abused the mercy shown to her by the court, and after being given a second chance to exhibit good behavior is now exhibiting bad behavior by engaging in social media fights, insults, and immoral behavior on social media.

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Hence, her actions and conduct are causing serious judicial embarrassment to the Court, and by conduct, the Court has been exposed to public ridicule, hatred, and contempt for giving her a second chance.

The incident has once again highlighted the need for individuals to be mindful of the laws and regulations that govern their behavior. legal analyst always advises against such incidence because when people flout court orders or any laws, it undermines the entire legal system, and it can also create a culture of impunity.

At the same time, some have criticized the use of live TV shows to discuss ongoing legal matters, arguing that it can lead to a breach of confidentiality and interfere with due process. Also, discussing legal cases in the public domain can be problematic, especially if sensitive information is revealed, as it can prejudice the outcome of the case.