Check Out the 9 Household Items You Never Know It Expires

Household items or goods simply mean things we normally used in our various houses. They are the important personal placed in the rooms of a house, such as refrigerators, pillows, mattresses, sponges, utensils, towels, irons, furniture, water, and fuel tanks, fire extinguishers, and many more.

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All these items help human beings’ life to become very easy and enjoyable. Whiles, we’re enjoying these items in our various homes, it has an expiration date, yes it has. Even the Bible says everything has an end unlike what man has used his hands to make.

Many household items don’t have an expiration date on them which makes it very difficult for most of us to know when to change the old items and replaced them with new ones.

Here are Nine (9) household items we used in our various houses every day which you didn’t know do have an expiration date.

  1. Sponges 

sponge as part of household items

Every household uses a sponge to bathe. The sponge is a tool or cleaning material made of soft items or is a soft substance that is full of small holes that can absorb water and is used for washing and cleaning.

Sponges are good when it comes to absorbing water-based solutions. This shouldn’t be a surprise because in normal circumstances anything that we used to clean other things especially our body may contain some bacteria we don’t see with our naked eyes. Sponges need to be cleaned every two weeks or you can choose to boil it in hot water to kill those bacteria. It is also advisable to change your sponge often.

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2. Hairbrush

household items

Another household tools we normally used in our various houses but we didn’t know it have an expiration date. Hairbrush is a handle brush with a rigid or soft spokes used in our hair for smoothing and stylizing the hair.

We have so many different types of hairbrushes like a wooden hairbrushes, shower hairbrushes, cushion hairbrushes and a lot.

It is best to clean your hairbrush at least once a week but you can throw it away after using it for about a year.


household items

A towel is a piece of thick absorbent of water used for drying yourself after taking our  bath. Towels have an expiration date.

Since our body have some smaller bacteria which we don’t see with our naked eyes even if after washing ourselves and drying it with a towel, they can still be having bacteria even after waking it. It is advisable to replace your towel every one to three years.

4. Pillow Case

household items like pillows

A pillow case is a cover user in covering a pillow which can be removed and washed. Your pillow case eventually becomes a place for dust mite which causes bacteria.

Replace your pillow case every year to avoid bacteria in which your face comes in contact with your hair and body oils.

5. Mattress

mattress as household items

A Mattress is a fabric case filled with cotton, feathers, foam, hair OT an arrangement of coiled springs. As long as we sleep on a mattress everyday, definitely it will become flat.

When a mattress loses it shape and size, it affect your sleeping. It is advisable to change your mattress every 5 to 10 years.

6. Tooth paste


I’d a thick, soft, moist substance we always use in cleaning out teeth. Every household have a toothpaste because it is one of the most important tool needed by every human being. You can borrow someone’s shirt to go out or an event but you can’t borrow someone’s teeth to go out or or an event.

Toothpaste do expire. If you haven’t empty your toothpaste within 3 years then you need to throw it away and replace it with a new one.

7. Lipstick and Makeup

household items

Lipstick and makeups are mostly used by ladies. They too have an expiration date so ladies should take not of that. It is one of the biggest problems affecting the life of cosmetics is bacteria.

Mascara for instance, you have to throw it away after every 3 months to prevent bacteria which can affect your eyes. Since Lipstick is used on a mouth, when it dries out and it begin to smell overtime when it expires, you have to throw it away and get yourself a new ones.

8. Razor blades


We use Razor blades to remove unwanted hairs from out private parts and armpit. Razor blade can attract bacteria if you used it for a very long period of time.

These bacteria can lead to skin rashes and skin irritation. You have to get yourself a new one’s after every week of using it.

9. Paint

Paint is used in our various houses to beautify out homes. In Ghana here, we have different types of paint from a different manufactures. For example, Azar paint, Savannah paint and many more but they do also expire.

Every paint have a life span depending on the type of the paint manufactured but generally, paint do expire from 2 to 5 years.

These are some of the household items we usually used in our various houses we weren’t aware of them that they too have an expiration date.