Shatta Wale reconciles with Bulldog as he is to publicly apologize to end the court case as part of the terms of the settlement

The news we are picking is that court orders Shatta Wale to apologize publicly to Bulldog over the comment he made that ended in court.

Shatta Wale, the popular self-acclaimed dancehall artiste, and his former manager, Lawrence Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog, have agreed to reach a common ground to resolve the defamation lawsuit filed against Shatta Wale according to reports gathered by the team.

The lawsuit stemmed from Shatta Wale’s allegedly accusing Bulldog of being involved in the murder of Fennec Okyere, the manager of Kwaw Kese from a Facebook post he made on November 2, 2022.

During one of the previous hearings, Shatta Wale’s lawyers made a request to settle the case out of court which the Accra High Court agree to. Hence, paved the way for the parties to negotiate a settlement and potentially avoid a lengthy court battle.

Just after a month, Shatta Wale’s lawyer returned to court and informed the judge that the parties had reached an initial agreement on the terms of the settlement of which they were given a one-month adjournment to allow the two parties to draft the terms of settlement and present them to the court for adoption as a consent judgment.

The presiding judge, Justice Joseph Adu Agyemang Owusu, granted the adjournment, acknowledging that the parties had reached settlement terms in principle. This was a step forward for the two friends to resolve the matter amicably. obtain information that one of the key terms of the settlement is that Shatta Wale will issue a public apology to Bulldog. This public apology is likely aimed at rectifying the damage caused by the defamatory statements made by Shatta Wale.

The agreement to include a public apology suggests that the parties are working towards reconciling their differences and putting the defamation issue behind them. By opting for an out-of-court settlement and agreeing on terms that involve an apology, it shows a willingness to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom and find common ground.

While the public apology is just one portion of the settlement agreement, it is, however important to note that the specific details of the settlement agreement have not been disclosed. The full terms and conditions of the settlement, including any potential financial compensation or other actions, remain confidential.

The adjournment granted by the court allows the parties sufficient time to finalize the terms of the settlement and present them to the court for approval. Once the settlement terms are adopted as a consent judgment, it will provide a legally binding resolution to the defamation lawsuit, bringing closure to this particular legal dispute between Shatta Wale and Bulldog.

The resolution of this lawsuit will serve as an important precedent for addressing defamation cases and also have wider implications for the legal responsibilities of artists and managers in the future. will therefore continue to closely monitor the case as it progresses, and we will provide you with reliable updates.