Crowd Teshie residents demonstrate over bad roads in the community

Crowd Teshie residents demonstrate over bad roads in the community

The people of the Teshie residential area have gathered in the area to express their outrage at the poor condition of their roads.

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Over the years, residents of the Teshie community have had to contend with deteriorating roadways, and the government has done nothing about it leading to today’s protest.

Commuters were alarmed by the detrimental effect that the condition of these roads is having on their daily lives.

Most of the protesters say all they simply want is for the government to fix the road in the area, that’s all. One of the protesters said to Citi News, “Only this week, I made two trips to the workshop to fix my car because the potholes here are worse than galamsey sites. If only one of the top government officials was living around to experience what we are going through as residents. The government has neglected us for a very long time.”

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Kennedy Twumasi a Citi News reporter had the same bad experience as he traveled through Teshie’s communities which immediately became clear that the area roads were in a terrible state and posed numerous difficulties for both drivers and pedestrians.

The bad nature of the roads in Teshie led thousands of people from their residences to move to the streets on demand, on May 30, 2023, the populace took to the streets to demand a fair slice of the national pie.


Government to repair Teshie roads effectively

According to a statement from the Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly, a number of Teshie’s inner roads will begin receiving reconstruction work right away.

Major roads starting from the LEKMA to the Adjorman roundabout, Fertilizer Road, and King Kortey will all be immediately reconstructed.

The Assembly also stated that after the initial reconstruction projects are finished, it will address the poor state of the inner roads in Greda Estates, Teshie Laskala, and the entirety of Coffee Street at Teshie.

“As I speak, a contractor is on the site to start work right away on the following roads: Tsuibleoo Road, from LEKMA to Adjorman roundabout; Fertilizer Road; King Kortey Road, which is the third road, from Mamfe Junction to Yoomo Specs, and the Numo Mashie Road, from Mobile to Tsuibleoo Last Stop. These initiatives will start right away. However, we won’t be focusing on just these roads. The entire Coffee Street is among them, the MCE Mordecai Quarshie stated to the media on Monday.

The remains, must the government wait until the roads get so bad and people demonstrate before action can be taken?

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