Do you know how your baby can sleep well at night? (Get these 10 ways)

how your baby can sleep well at night
Are you fed up with being awake all night?
Does your baby cry all night without knowing what’s wrong with him/her?
If you are a parent who is encountering any of these problems, then you are not lost but you are at the right place.
 I’m going to be with you not in person but in words to guide and make your baby have a sound sleep.
The following are the 10 ways to get your baby to sleep well at night;

 1. Start A Routine

One of the best ways to get your baby to sleep is to set up a routine. Follow a consistent, calming bedtime routine. Know when to put your baby to sleep and stick to it. When they are about to sleep OFF the light and ON it when it’s time to wake up. If you can do it simultaneously for a week, you will see them sleeping and waking up on their own when the time is due.

 2. Don’t Feed Baby To Sleep

Some parents do this unknowingly. They are found of feeding their wards to sleep. When your baby sleeps while eating, they wake up in the middle of the night thinking of coming back to eat. And you know their norms, crying out in the night for help. So the best thing to do is to find the right time to feed your baby, at least 30 minutes before they sleep is okay.

3. Put Baby on Bed Drowsy but Awake

This is also the best way to get your baby to sleep for you to have peace of mind. Put your baby on the bed but awake 20 -30mins before your child sleep, put off any noise-making material, dim the light and allow them to sleep.

4. Give your baby time to settle

” A Mother who doesn’t have patience, won’t have peace of mind”- Atta Frank
A mother’s peace of mind depends on the child. If you take the time to give them what they want, you will surely have what you want. Some parents don’t put their ward to proper sleep because they are busy. This makes the baby wake up to worry them.

5. Consider Pacifiers

To pacify means to calm or comfort an angry person. Pacifiers are given to babies to enable them to stop crying e.g breast milk, feeding in a bottle, and any other baby food. Don’t forget to feed them 30mins before they sleep.

6. Low-key their nighttime care

This should be taken seriously if parents want to see their babies having a good night’s sleep. When it is time to go to bed, off the tv set and the light or dim it. We, humans, have been designed in a way that, when we see darkness, it means night, and light represents the day. So the moment you OFF the light and any sound, the baby will sense that it is time to sleep and when the light is ON, it is awaking time.

7. Sing To Them their favorite song

I applaud most parents because they are good at this. While praising them, some parents don’t know how to sing a *lullaby* or song for their ward to sleep. If you are part of such parents, begin to research babies’ songs or buy books that entail such songs, learn and sing to your ward when they are about to sleep in the night.

8. Respect Your Babies Preferences

One would ask, how will I  know my baby’s preference, to talk of respecting them?  Dear parents, it is very essential to know what your baby likes especially, their food. Make sure everything they want is always available. Buy them in abundance in order not to find yourself wanting late in the night.

9. Check Their Diapers

Yes, I mean it. Some parents will say I changed it before they went to sleep. It is true, but you have to check it again. Babies hate coldness, so when their diapers become wet, then they begin to cry. It is the onus of the parent to change it as quickly as possible if they want their baby to *sleep well at night*.

10. Don’t oversleep

Someone will say no parent will do that. Some parents do that, they use to sleep and leave their babies behind. It’s not their fault, sometimes they are tired due to the tedious house chores. But that shouldn’t be an excuse. Irrespective of how tired you are, make sure your ward sleep for about an hour before you sleep and try to check up on them every two to three hours.
Note: If you want to sleep well as a mother, make sure your baby sleeps well
It is the wish of every parent to see their babies having a sound sleep. But for this wish to come to reality, parents have a role to play. Thus, start a routine, feed baby on time, put them on drowsy, give them time to settle, consider baby’s preference, etc. When they practice the above guideline, they will see their baby slumbering well.
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