Efya in Internet Battle With Blakk Rasta

When it comes to feuds between celebrities, Ghana is constantly in the news. One of the female artists in Ghana who was regarded as having strong vocals was Efya.

Ghanaian songstress “Efya” is currently embroiled in a verbal brawl with Ghanaian veteran reggae artist and poet Blakk Rasta.

This debate erupted after the Barack Obama hitmaker went on 3FM’s drive show to express his thoughts on Sarkodie’s recent cover of Bob Marley’s song.

Efya was asked in a recent interview to give her take on Blakk Rasta’s opinion.

But, shockingly enough, she admitted that she has no idea who Blakk Rasta is. When the GH One Show host asked again, You don’t know who Blakk Rasta is, do you? “Who is he? ” she retorted. He’s a rapper? He’s a what? He is a radio journalist, right?

When the host further described who Blakk Rasta is, she said, “But journalists say what they want, they don’t care.” I don’t actually know who he is. “What exactly does he do, radio?”

However, she began to reminisce about who Blakk Rasta is when his hit song, “Barack Obama,” was played in the background by the DJ of the show.

Then Efya laughed while saying. “Oh, that’s funny, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

He does funny songs, right? “Listen, everyone for himself, God for us all,” Efya added.

In his response to Efya’s claim, Blakk Rasta uttered, “see what drugs can do to a beautiful soul. “Be delivered and healed, in Jesus’ name.”

Blakk Rasta blamed the late reggae legend (Bob Marley’s family) for including a rapper like Sarkodie on the Stir It Up remake. “If Bob Marley were to be alive, do you think he would have featured Sarkodie?” I’m not referring to Sarkodie, I’m talking about Bob Marley’s family. “I’m hurt,” he added.

More to follow…..