Elon Musk’s robot girlfriend: Broken Heart is Finally Over

Find out Elon Musk's Robot Girlfriend in Circulations
Elon Musk Dancing with Robot

Matters of the heart are tough when it comes to love and relationship. Many celebrities are getting it tough in terms of relationship problems. Not long ago, we heard of Hakimi and his wife’s issue which got to do with breakup. Love and heartbreaks are intertwined that have bullied many guys and ladies for a long. The tech and entrepreneur are set to quench the fire of broken hearts with Elon Musk’s robot girlfriend.

The viral news surrounding Elon Musk’s robot girlfriend has ignited curiosity and doubt. However, many are seeing the story of heartbreak in the love world becoming too many and expect it to get such happen.

Join us to dive into the real story of the Elon Musk robot girlfriend story and the reality behind the viral internet story. [Read: John Mahama and Bawumia Storms Kumawu]

What will be the reactions of men who want to have an affair with robots?

From news cited on various social media, it is clear that Elon Musk and his company are in the final agreement to bring out the robot wife.

The story continued that the Elon Musk robot girlfriend will be made available to the general public in September 2023. Africans are expected to get their share of the robot wife by November 2023.

Details of the robot’s wife include the use of battery or rechargeable cells. Women are further advised to treat their husband as king since these robots can perform almost everything men needs and far better.

Images of the AI-generated were shared online for fun. This would have solved many people’s problems since robots were not programmed to disappoint.

This is a girlfriend, wife, or husband whom you can control. This Elon Musk robot girlfriend won’t disappoint you.

When Robots take over relationships, I doubt whether reproduction can still be possible. It remains fake news and nobody is able to prove the truth in the story.

Can robots act as humans?

Yes, robots can act as humans. But robots don’t have the feelings humans have because humans are having natural hormones. Robots cannot be emotional as humans. Some may argue but that’s a fact.


How will Elon Musk then make a robot to perform human activities?

Elon Musk never created any robot girlfriend. It remains fake news now until proven otherwise. Musk is going through challenges we may not know. He hasn’t found it easy in his relationship life coupled with a series of breakups. His children disown him.

His biological father is not being fair to him. The only comfort for this millionaire is his wife.

This may be the last thing on Musk’s mind to build a robotic wife. Following his personal life, we can see he loves nature.

He didn’t adopt his children but naturally had them with a woman he married or dated. He may be the richest but not the richest in his relationship. [Read: Guide on How to Book a Hotel After Midnight]

Yes, many women will prefer to have Elon Musk as their husband but he knows what he loves. I won’t hide the truth, women like cash-read the sentence again.

There is a saying that every woman loves to be cherished, protected, and given more security. You can equally take a look at your girlfriend. She can easily leave if you don’t provide what she wants.

I think these relationship breakups are the main reason why many prefer Elon Musk’s robot girlfriend to come on board as a reality.

Am sorry to tell you that the story of Elon Musk’s robot wife is fake. Elon Musk is not building any robotic wife or girlfriend. For now, real humans are still the options for you to get dates.

We shared our concerns for you to know the reality shared. Not everything on the internet is true.

What do you think about this?