Get Paid $200 to Read Novels Every Day

Getting paid for reading books can be easy but requires time and effort. Do you want $200 to read novels?

What others don’t know is that there are legitimate websites that pay you a good amount above $30 per book review. This is about doing real business online through effective reviews and readings.

The interesting side of this offer is that you can work from home. Some people are getting paid by reading and this is serving as a permanent job for them.

This can be any form of book you have an interest in reading horror, love, romance, fiction, and many others.

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It is possible to be paid for reading any novel or book. Yes, it is true some organizations have their website pay you for reading. I will be sharing with you 6 ways that can get you paid $200 to read novels (books) based on your own efforts.

 Get Paid for Reading or Review Books

There are so many websites that can offer to pay you for reading books. You can be paid by so many mediums including bank wire, PayPal, bitcoins, and others. Are you ready to join some of them?

1. WordsRated

If you have the interest to make extra cash by reading, then you have landed at the right place. WordsRated will pay you $200 to read novels (books). This website helps analyze content in books. Do you get paid when reading from other websites? Keep reading till apply to become a beneficiary.

There are numerous books on the website for readers to read and make an analysis of them. WordsRated makes it clear what is expected to be done before getting paid for the book you read. You will be expected to answer some questions when you start.

You will also be given some instructions on what they expect from you as you read. You may be keeping track and making notes on certain characters, locations, and many others. It may be difficult to understand but the payment is ok.

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The answers you give will be used by wordsRated to create other information for others. It doesn’t matter the number of books you read because you get $200 To Read Novels (books) of your choice.

Readers are given the source of information to verify as they read. Applications are closed for now but you can visit later to apply.

2. Earn Money from the US Review Books

The payment for reviewers is undisclosed. They pay professional readers to review their books and get paid. Reviewers are expected to write 200 to 300 words about a particular publication.

The US Review of Books are able to connect professional book reviewers and places their books in front of monthly subscribers. You can earn money by becoming one of the subscribers. You can apply to be part of the subscribers with your resume to


3. Upwork Media

This is one of the greatest platforms for freelancers. One can review plenty of books and get paid for the work done. Upworkmedia gives an opportunity for authors or content writers to make money from their work.

Clients have various specifications when it comes to the selection of who should review their book or work for them. Payment varies depending on the experience and the achievement of the reviewer or writer.  

To become a freelancer on this platform, signup and list your skills, experience, and qualifications. Getting paid $200 to read novels, depends on your efforts and experience. Visit upworkmedia site and register a freelancer account to start making money.


4 Online Book Club

This pays you between $5 to $60, based on the website that you join for the review work. allows you to choose titles you would like to read. You will be paid as you keep reviews. You can just visit their website to sign up to review.