Ghanaian MPs Express Their Concerns About AI And Plan to Regulate It in The Country


Ghanaian MPs express their concerns about AI and the impending future effects on life. When it comes to ai, many people have different views as to whether it should be regulated or not, whether it should be banned or not. Well, this thought has not escaped the minds of the Ghanaian MPs, and some have voiced serious concerns about the growing use of ai in our daily lives.


Artificial intelligence and in short AI is a software tool or application that uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence to carry out a series of specified tasks and commands issued by the user.

The benefits of ai can not be undermined in the 21st century running from healthcare, finance, market, and education they serve very well with fewer errors compared to human efforts. They perform tasks quickly and efficiently like automation, and data analysis and enhance decision-making capabilities.

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Some people have however voiced their concerns about the growing nature of ai in many parts of the world and Ghana inclusive. Some people believe that if artificial intelligence is not regulated now, then in the future it may cause serious problems.

During a discussion in the parliament of Ghana, on Wednesday, some Members of parliament expressed their worry about artificial intelligence and the need for the country to enact legislations to restrict the use of ai in the country before it becomes too late.

The MP for Tamale South Hon. Haruna Iddrisu told parliament “If this country does not act quickly now our future be bleak. Mr. Speaker, we should probably consider establishing a council that will look into artificial intelligence.”

Another member of parliament also added that “the people who design Artificial Intelligence are even beginning to worry about it true potential and if we take this opportunity and act now considering the architecture, legal or regulatory measures to lime the most dangerous aspects of artificial intelligence” said by Koho Oppong Nkrumah the Member of Parliament for Ofoase Ayirbe.

Will the members of parliament really consider making laws to restrict the use of artificial intelligence even though we have seen the unmeasurable benefits of this technology? Maybe artificial intelligence could be the way out to solving most tasks that can not be performed by humans and even do it with more efficiency.

Even though some believe that artificial intelligence may one day take over the world, which seems more unlikely, we will keep you posted as the story unravels.