Hiring: 6 Top Amazon Jobs That Pay Very Well

Amazon Jobs

In the year 2018, amazon published its interest in hiring over 50,000 employees in top positions. The top amazon jobs that pay well are still available for people with the specialty of skills. As much as the opportunities are announced, you must have some experience and the skills required for each vacancy announced.

We are interested to see you getting a job and also putting food on the table for your family. Amazon is a big platform (company), which will scrutinize any application you send there and prove that you have what you present.

Our focus is to get you a job you can do at home and get paid very well to support your financial growth.  Getting paid on the world’s greatest platform is not easy especially when it comes to online business.

It might be easy for those who will learn and apply it so well. Some jobs require a degree but our focus goes beyond degree and rather helps you to achieve that purpose.  I am hoping to see you make other income from amazon as you read this article.

1. Get Paid as you read Books

How do you get paid as you read books? We shall share with you all the tips for achieving that dream. It is not to brag but many people are making money through this work. There are companies that pay people for reviewing their books as proofreaders.

You get paid as a book reviewer and you can comment, or add your own suggestion. The site will pay you between $5 to $60 per review of a book you do review. There are a lot of scams out there so do self-checks and good research before joining any of the programs available.

Signup to amazon and search for that job.

2. Get Paid Logistics Specialist

Who qualifies to work as a logistic specialist? Amazon is offering you the opportunity to work to look at the overall logistics base on a certain database. It is a well-paid job that can offer you a reasonable amount of money.

The people in this role play a major key performance in the movement of goods from one place to the other by making sure there are records of the date, time, and number of goods.

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When you get employed as a logistics specialist, you will work closely with the logistics manager, operations technicians, and data center engineers. The estimated salary is between $28000 to $35,000 per year.

3. Jobs at Amazon as a Customer Service Specialist

Just like every customer service work is done everywhere, here you are paid well to handle customer-related issues including data entry, and administering sales on the Amazon ERP system.

Applicants will also report information to management after a day’s work. Anyone Having Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in the related field to get appointed for this field of job.

4. Revenue Analyst Job Opportunity

This job requires the employee to report weekly, monthly, and quarterly report. Employee analyst data with the use of Microsoft Excel and other techniques employed to use. Having Bachelor’s degree in accounting qualifies you to be accepted.

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5. Contract Analysts

Who analyses the agreement of the company with other interested parties. This is a critical role that requires people with expertise to achieve the mission. The company’s supply chain liaises with this person to renegotiate, review, and get to the bottom of the contract agreement for the company. You must have experience in the field before applying. Have a bachelor’s degree in business, and experience in business analysis.

6. Make Money As a publisher on Amazon

You can make money by publishing on amazon as an author. It will be a great opportunity to turn the skills into a money-making opportunity. You can be a publisher as kindle publisher by selling eBooks or publishing paperback books on Amazon.

You will good commission as a publisher on the amazon platform per your publications on the platform. There is no limit to your publications so the more you publish, the more you make money.