How to Buy Property in Ghana; Best Ways

Property refers to the right ownership of a material thing. There are types of properties that may be tangible and intangible property. Our focus is on the tangible property which may include but is not limited to a house, land, car (vehicle), and a company.

Buying property in Ghana is not a big problem. It has no restriction on the citizenry or foreigner in acquiring a property.  Properties may differ according to one’s preferences when it comes to the Ghanaian property market.

There are various ways of owning a property either such as land or a house. To buy land in Ghana, you can get some of the ways without struggles.

Through Chiefs/ Government

The majority of the Ghanaians lands are owned by the traditional leaders. You can buy a property from the chief of the community and then have it fully documented from the lands commission.

There are a couple of issues that arise as part of the challenges in the acquisition of property like land in Ghana. What happens if you don’t get the right owner of the properties.

The chiefs are the rights owners of the land and upon having any deal with any 3rd party make sure you have the concern of the chief in those particulars.

If it is land, go to the lands commission to verify if it indeed belongs to the person you’re buying from. If the name on the property is different please don’t buy. The details of the property owner need to be in the records of the Lands Commission and confirmed before you agree to pay for it.

Make sure you don’t buy a property like land if not registered with the original documentation.

There are types of lands if you want to buy which include, government land, vested land, customary or stool land, and family land. All must acquire through legal means and carefully analyzed before making payment.

Buying a House

Individual: You can buy a house from an individual with credible documents. Due to the dynamism of culture make sure you go through all legal processes before payment.

Some people don’t have registration with the lands commission but have the indentures having their information.


You can buy a property from a recognized institution. There are many institutions that deal with building and selling houses. Check from the lands commission to verify the ownership.

Buying a Car/ Vehicle

Before you buy a property in Ghana like a car or vehicle from either individual or company you must find out from the Drivers Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) for the authenticity of the documents.

Make sure all documents are intact before you affect payment for the property. Get a witness to every transaction or if possible a lawyer will be a plus to confirm the purchase.

Make sure you get the documents that show that the car belongs to the person you’re buying from.

Buying Company

To buy a property in Ghana like a company, it follows all the legal rules and regulations in acquisitions of an existing company. Every legal company in Ghana is registered under the Registrar General Department.

The company’s certificate to operate and other legal documents need to hand to you through the legal process. Get a lawyer or legal person to take you through the process of acquiring the company.

Ghana is one of the countries with great laws to help people acquire properties without struggle. The processes involved in the buying of a company are well stated in the companies Act.

Do not buy any illegal company not recognized registrar of companies. If he can register before transferring all documents to you then it is good to go with it.