How to Eat Guava: 8 Healthy Ways

Do you know how to eat guava? Guava is a delicious fruit liked by many, but few know the best way to eat it. It is one of the good fruits that is described by many as the nectar of the gods.

How to eat guava
Eat guava for healthy living

What is guava?

Guava is one of the tropical fruits with a green or yellow skin color and a bit of a deep red or pink. The fruit tastes nice, and the unripe fruit tastes a bit sour. Guava has edible seeds and is always round. Some of them are yellowish, while others appear to be green in color.

Eating guava will make you know that different fruits taste different with different flavors. Eating guava doesn’t have a special moment; it can be eaten at any time. In this article, we discuss healthy ways how to eat guava.

1. Find Out Where to get Guava

You may get guava from the farm or from any shop that sells fruits. Make sure you look at it well and buy or pluck the original one of your choice. Guava is available at many shops, but that depends on your location.

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2. Select one that looks nice and fresh

When buying the guava fruit, make sure you select the nicest. You can select the one with soft skin if you want to eat it immediately. Avoid the ones with hard skin.

Guavas come in different colors. Inspects the color well based on your own choice. Some prefer the green-colored one with a hard body, while others do not. If you want to store it for days, then try and use a paper bag to speed up the ripping process.


3. Smell to see how it looks

The flavor of good guava is known through the unique scent it has. When it is ripped, it has a more powerful, unique scent than the bad one. Unless you have never tasted it before, that might lead you to choose the wrong one.

Check the skin color well when you are in the selection process. Choose the ripe one with a yellow color. Some, especially the green guava, change only slightly in color. It changes in scent as well. It has a unique, centered smell that attracts people to consume it.

4. Keep it for days

I can see you are eager to know how to eat the guava you bought from the market. Don’t worry; keep the unripe one for a few days before using it. Keep it in a paper bag, as I said earlier, to get it faster.


5. Wash it well

You might not know how they preserved it until now. Wash it nicely in freshwater before taking any other steps on how to eat guava fruits. Rinse it in another water to do away with bacteria. Use a paper towel to clean it nicely in a clean bowl.


6. Cut it nicely or bite it as you consume

You have to place your guava on a cutting board to slice it nicely. It will give you a nice scent and a nice look as you slice your guava. Some may peel it, while others may leave the skin on it. That is your choice.

You can eat your guava at this point or use it for whatever purpose you want. Some people like to add other seasonings, like salt, sugar, or any other, to eat.


7. The remaining one should be stored well

The remaining guava slides can be stored in your fridge, well-wrapped in plastic wrap. It cannot stay in your fridge for too long, so use it as you wish. But frozen guava can be stored for up to 7 months in your fridge.


8. You can get juice from guava

You can get other juice from guava that may also make your day lovely. Try adding other tastes to what you have, either guava with other natural fruits or whatever way you want it to be. You can make a simple guava juice recipe.

What others don’t know is that guava has a low acid content and is very rich in antioxidants. You can add pineapple and guava to give it a tropical flavor. Combining them makes a nice juice with great flavor you can never forget. Guava juice can last up to a week in your fridge.


Knowing how to eat guava and using it for a preferred guava juice recipe can help you maintain a healthy life and fight disease with an immune booster.