How to Grow Your Income: 6 Amazing Ideas

grow your income

With this economic trends, it is quite difficult to find the simple way how to your grow income to start your business or invest. No income is small but how you hold it is what makes you genius or failure. My interest is for you to get some tips that will help you to grow your small income after you finish reading this article.

It is quite difficult to get more money from the money you already have today due to economic and social issues. On the contrary, there are thousands of ways to do that with just the financial literacy we are sharing.

You may be living on pay check to pay check; the best to increase your income is to get a wage increment.

1. Invest In Cereals Buying or Selling

You doubt? This is African and Ghana to be specific, cereals is at the highest peak in terms of harvesting. A single bag of maize cost almost Ghc360.00 during this bumper harvest.

In less than 3 months from November, it will double in terms of buying. I don’t urge you hoarding food but I want you to invest in it with the small income you have now.

2. Automate Your Monthly Savings

Many workers fail to get a boost in their income because they wait to withdraw before the make savings. Why don’t you automate your savings? Let your financial institution cut some part of money that comes to your account into your investment account.

This will help you to grow your income in the shortest possible time. Don’t wait for any pay increment; use the small you have now to get to the bigger income growth. If you cannot manage to save $1 out of the $10 you make today, then you cannot save $10 from the $100 you will make tomorrow.

I will advise you to get separate account for personal expenses, one for investment, and others for savings to mitigate short term problems. Now, try to adopt the policy of direct debit into the other accounts form your monthly income.

The advantage about this is that, it will save you from running for loans when you are hit by any financial challenges. Keep your eye open and make a lot out of the small you make today.

3. Sell Things Online

Most people working in the corporate world are finding it difficult to get extra income aside their salary. However, you can make money online by selling use products to other people.

A lot of opportunities have come even with the use of whatsapp or facebook and stayplain social media. Create a group and invite your friends, families or any closer people you know or not to see what you have to offer.

Even with your whatsapp statuses, you can make it you market for your customers. People turn to turn to use it for comedies sharing instead of using it for other purposes. Get to use that platform to sell products or services.

How do you sell on WhatsApp Statuses

  • Create flyers that explains your product or services
  • Use Short Videos not less than 30seconds to sell what you have
  • Keep updating your status with what you offer
  • Build a brand and sell what you can offer.
  • Respond to all questions about your products

How to Sell With Facebook

  • Use your Facebook stories to sell what you have for the world
  • Use the market section to grow your income through selling
  • Create a group to sell your products or services to them.
  • Use your timeline to get business partners.

How to Use Stayplain to Grow Your Income

  • Get to use your account to sell
  • Use Video section to display what you have
  • Yenni Dwa Section is for marketing so use it wisely
  • My ads sections can be used to promote your services

You can use sites like eBay, Craigslist, and others to sell used products. It will help you to get extra income in addition to what you are earning.

4. Set Up a Side Business

It is not easy to get extra income to boost your finances, but you can get it from having side business. Set up a mini business for others to buy from it. Depending on single source of income is very dangerous. Get other sources of income to support you.

If your work gives you no time, manage your business online. Keep been active and deliver to every customer who buys from you. This will help you to boost your finances.



5. Look For High Paying Job

According to research sited online, nearly two-thirds of workers in the U.S. are seeking for new jobs due to low income. I will tell you to update your LinkedIn profile if you are searching for better paying jobs. You can contact people about your interest for jobs you want to transition to.

You more likely to land a new job that will pay you well than your current offer. Get informed of what you are seeking for to help you get good income growth.


6. Improve Your Productivity

Check on what projects you do for your clients, either website design, logo, flyers, videos, or graphics and improve them. The more you give quality work, the more clients pay for your services.

If you want to grow your income, then give out quality work to get more pay for your job. Work on reducing the time spent on delivering a projects. Keep on with good work for higher fee payment for your services.

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