How to Make LinkedIn Private: A Complete Guide, Step-By-Step

Do you want to know how to make LinkedIn private? Completing your profile private will only make it accessible to a certain group. 

How to Make LinkedIn Private: A Complete Guide, Step-By-Step

The good news is that LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to set your profile private without any difficulties.


This article aims to give you strategies on how to make LinkedIn private and give access to the people you want. 

This platform provides a range of opportunities for those who are eager to network, make new sales, find employment, or easily employ others.

Using this potent tool, it is possible that anyone, including your friends or employers, can see your profile.


You can prevent others from seeing your activities by making your profile private. This will only take you 7 simple steps on how to make LinkedIn private.

Make your LinkedIn profile private
Enter your details to login

Step 1: Log In Your Account

You have to log into your LinkedIn account either on your Android phone, iOS device, or computer. We will apply a computerized version of this procedure for the advantage of a simple explanation. Just hit your browser and type to visit your account. This can be done using your Gmail account and the password you used in creation. 


You can access your account once you enter the correct information. If you forget anything, you can ask to have your password changed to get access to your account again.


Using a reputable network or device to access your account is one piece of advice we can give you. Avoid logging into your account on shared devices. You can prevent unauthorized access to your account by doing this. 


Step 2. Go to Your Privacy Settings

Check your privacy settings

After successfully logging into your account, go to your account’s privacy settings to modify them.

To get started, look for the t icon in the top-right corner of your homepage. Tap on the icon mentioned to show you all the adjustments you can make. It will reveal to you the settings and the privacy option where you can proceed with the process.

Step 3. Set Your Profile View

The moment you can locate the settings and the privacy section, you will be given other options on how to make LinkedIn private. This place allows you to control who can see your profile or post and who cannot. You are likely to see some choices like fully visible, partially visible, or maintaining total privacy. You are allowed to choose the settings you want without any challenge. 


The selection you make will show how others will view your profile. You can customize it to any of the options provided to help your audience see your online presence. Be professional in your online interactions, as this will help you showcase your company to a wider audience on the platform. 


Step 4. Consider modifying your profile settings. 

Now that you’ve been able to locate the privacy section, you can adjust it to your preference. Simply go to your account preferences and select visibility, data privacy, or the kind of notifications you want to receive whenever something happens in your account. Click on the visibility settings to choose who to see and who you should not. 


Step 5. Change Your Profile Settings


Locate the section titled “Visibility of your profile & network” under the “Privacy” tab. When “Profile viewing options” are selected, click on “Your name and headline.” Several profile viewing options are available here, including “Private mode.” Select “Private mode” to be in complete private mode.


Step 6. Changes Your Public Profile Settings

Consider settings on who should see your public profile and who should not. You can decide who should be able to see your work on LinkedIn by looking through your privacy settings. You are the only one who can choose to make others see you online or not. You have the option of keeping it private or making it public. 


Step 7. Set Your Preference in Job-Seeking

As you may be aware, the platforms give employers access to the kind of job seekers who are actively looking for work. It is time to let people know if you are hiring or looking for new employees. You can choose the option and what to do about job seeking. 

Summary of how to make LinkedIn Private

  • Log in to your account with your credentials
  • Click on Settings & Privacy 
  • Click on the visibility
  • Check the visibility and change the settings
  • Select your preferred mode.


We hope you now understand how to make LinkedIn profile private and can take advantage of that. With the help of LinkedIn, job seekers can find employment and employers can find qualified candidates. By creating a professional profile, you can connect with others who share your interests and conduct business with them quickly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put LinkedIn in private mode?

You first have to click on the “Me” icon on the top right corner of your LinkedIn home page. You can select the Settings & Privacy section in the drop-down. Now move to the visibility section and click on it. 

Check on the visibility and click to change the profile view. Go ahead and select the mode you prefer to browse in.


How can I make LinkedIn completely private?

You can make your LinkedIn private by changing your visibility section, which is located in the Settings & Privacy section. You can switch from your on-the-state to off. This will prevent non-LinkedIn users from seeing you on search engines.