How to Start A Business From Home: Complete Strategies

how to start a business from home

The 2020 pandemic has taught many people lessons about how to start a business from home and still drive the same income as expected. It has paved the way for many small businesses to emerge bigger than greater companies can think of.

It is no more surprise that online business became a boom and other physical businesses that relied solely on face-to-face were getting out of business and others were compelled to diversify.

I am looking at the possible ways to help you how to start a business from home and get others employed to reduce unemployment in your country.

In 2022, many companies that failed to adopt technology as part of doing business are either folding up or crippled on the possible ways to drive traffic for their products and services.

The era we are in now is when everyone including the employee, employer, and all stakeholders has to adopt several ways of making money from home.

This year alone, inflation is skyrocketing in many countries especially sub-Saharan African countries. It has affected, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, South Africa, Mali, and most countries outside the continent.

Countries like Ghana are experiencing inflation of 44% and this is compelling Labour Unions to demand a 65% increment in salary to be able to manage the economic hardships.

So with these hikes in prices of goods and services, how can you survive on the little you earn as salary? What about you the person reading still in school or unemployed after your graduation?

It is no more a joke but mandatory for you to start some side income to cushion your current finances.

According to data from the United States, for about 32.5 million small businesses operating, more than 15 million are operating from home. This is serious and helps to reduce the unemployment of the country.


My aim is to see you also start something small as a business to support your livelihood. We made thorough research about how to start a business from home and get paid for that.

To start a business either from home or any other place, you need ideas and resources to kick things moving for your own success. You must get prepared with the right mindset to meet any challenges that may arise from the start.

It may not be so rosy at the beginning when you start, but with constant push, consistency, and perseverance, you will be able to make good money.

How to start a business from home demands your full attention, so get a place, sip some water or coffee and enjoy reading our article to the last point.

We are breaking down the steps for you to know the ways to start a home business with your own resources. I always prefer to start small and get the experience to build it big.

It is grouped into 7 different stages and with each stage comes the strategies that will help you to start the home-based business very easily.


Stage 1. Build your Mindset

For you to start your own home business, it is better to take this first stage of getting yourself prepared for a business. This is the foundation of the whole structure of the business you are building. You must understand this process to be able to kick the ball rolling.

Your Readiness is Key

Don’t procrastinate on what you are about to start. It is time to ask yourself whether you are ready to be in business or not. What do you need as an entrepreneur?


It is the period of sacrificing your time for the side business. This stage requires your effort to be ready if only you need business income. Conduct a self-assessment to see how to begin and track your readiness in the business route.

Start to Learn about the business

The business start from the idea and the knowledge of the kind of services or products you want to serve the people. This process requires you to read more resources and signup for courses that will help you understand how a business operates.

There are many free resources or courses that will help you understand business and how it is run. Make sure you get some of them to be equipped for the task ahead.

You will need a business plan and other resources to start it. Try as much as you can to get the knowledge first before you take any other step.

Do Market Surveys or Research

This stage will allow you to know the market you are going to deal with. Your customers are the blood of the business so you must first know their tastes and preference before getting things started.

Conduct your own research to understand consumer needs and also keep in mind their taste. Doing this will allow you to know whom you are dealing with, the market growth, your competitors, and how you can penetrate the market easily.


Get Your Business Plan Ready

This is the stage for you to plan and understand what will go into your business. Any business that is not having a plan is in danger of no future. The written down business (Business plan) will guide you on how to keep things on track.

It gives you the forecast and where you can be in the years ahead of you. You can reach out to other people to help you write a good business plan before progressing to the next stage.  

Creating a business plan can be complicated especially if you have never written one before. It can provide an effective roadmap for business success and growth. It can even help you to get funding for your business idea. Some basic requirements or questions in your business plan on how to start a business from home.

  • What business can you start at home?
  • Do you have the space for your business?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Where will you get funding for this home business?
  • Can you get any support if you run out of funds?
  • Who will handle your business when you are not around?


Stage 2: Start Your Business Set Up

Choose Business Identity

The period to choose your business name that is catchy and memorable to people. Choose a business name that goes with your brand of product or services you are offering to people out there. Business name choosing is important to you and your customers. It speaks all about your brand.

Here are some tips to get a good name for your business.

  • Make it short and simple
  • Check the name that matches your services
  • Choose a memorable name not just any word
  • Desist from using your own name for your business because it will be common as usual.


Get Your Location in the House

Where can you place your gadgets to start your business? Depending on what you want to offer your customers. Locate a place at home to put your computer, tablet, and other things required for your work. Make sure you have a place in the house to do your business.

Get Business Website

Get a business website that matches your business name. Your customers may want to read about the services or products you are delivering.  It can be an eCommerce website if your business is related to it. Link your website to all your business social media handles.

Have a Separate Phone for Business

Get a separate phone number for your home-based business. This will help you to know your clients separately from your normal calls. Business must be separate from personal activities.

Buy a laptop for your business

Make sure that your family issues will be separate from your business activities. Having a business laptop will help you to save the information relating to your business.

Choose how you want to run the business

Do you have people to support you in the business? How much do you want to pay them since you don’t know your profit yet?

Now find a strategic way to produce to consumers or deliver service to your client. For instance, if you decide to become a yoga tutor with an automated system, people may pay to be part of your system.

Instead of doing it manually or timely base, create videos of your program and allow people to sign up and join any time of the day. This will give you get enough passive income and save you a lot of costs.

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Stage 3: Get Your Business Registered

People will be happy to deal with businesses that are legally registered. No matter how small your business is, try and register to build investors’ confidence.

Unless your business is a sole proprietorship, any other form of business requires registration with the registrar of businesses.

Any registered business has a good name out there when customers want to buy something. Get a legal person to go through your documents before you register.

Alongside your home business registration, get a business bank account and integrate it into your website for easy payment or services.


Stage 4: Be Abreast With Financial Knowledge

You cannot run a successful business without financial literacy. If only you want to know how to start a business from home, then you must have a good financial background.

This will help you how to calculate your profit, losses, debtors, creditors, and all other information required to put your business in a good shape.

Get Your Budget for the Business

How much do you want to use in starting your business? Consider the amount of money required for your supplies, shipping, advertising, salaries, and other expenditures.

Get funding Support

When your business is registered it becomes easy to use your business plan to get funding support.

You can do your personal research to get funding support from other legit organizations to push your business. This only happens when you have no startup capital.

You can also contact a financial institution for a business loan to push your business idea alive. You can get financial support from crowdfunding, venture capitalists, business pitches, friends, and families.

Keep Books Accurate

Make sure you keep records of everything you put into your business. Records keeping are very important when it comes to doing profitable business.

Separate business accounts from your personal accounts. Record every transaction that takes place in your business. Make sure everything is recorded for tracking purposes.

Start Operating

Start small as you intend to do business from home. Don’t wait for any other time than now. Keep doing it and the world will hear from you soon.


Stage 5: Making Use of Online Tools

After securing financial support, you must let your business known to people. If your business is home, your online presence is very important.

Get a working Website

Let your customers read all your business and services on your website. Make sure you add all your information to your website.

Design a professional website and avoid using free hosting platforms. Just $50 can get you a domain and host as someone ready for business.


Have an Active Social Media Account

Keep your social media active and post frequently to keep your business running. It will allow you to keep customers, get new customers and build a strong brand.

Build Strong Social Interaction

Are you sure you want to know how to start a business from home? Then be active with your online clients, answer emails quickly and respond to any new orders made by your clients.

 Stage 6 Time to Market your Business

This is the stage to market your products and services to your potential clients out there. Asking about how to start a business from home becomes meaningless if you don’t market it for people to patronize.

 Adopt the strategy to sell

Create awareness of your products and services to your prospect with innovations. Create landing pages and share them on platforms where you may get new customers. Business cards and flyers can help you with offline business.

Use an Email Marketing Strategy

Reach out to your customers through email. Tell them what you have to offer them and the reason they should choose to do business with you.

Run Ads

Choose to boost your post for new clients.  You can run google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, and all other ads. It will increase your coverage. There are so many ways of running ads for your business.

So long as you want how to start a business from home, then be readily prepared to learn from other sources. YouTube is a good platform to learn how to run ads for every business or product you have.

You can also learn from other publications on google about how to run ads you’re your business. Make sure you exhaust all available avenues to learn and use them to get an effective home-based business.

Proper Designs of Your Products and Market it

I will urge you to use more social media to promote your products. The majority of your customers will be found on social media, blogs readings, and others.

Get a nice design made by you using, and share it for people to see. Add favorable discounts that will make your target market enticed to buy from you.

Invest in Promoting your Products or Services

Plough back the profits you make from the business. Invest wisely in different sectors to get back the money that can keep your business running. Get several ways to invest and get back good returns for your business growth.


Network with the People around you

Though digital marketing is essential when it comes to business promotion, networking with your local community also plays an important role. Involve yourself in local events and network with other business owners about your work.


Stage 7: Customer Service and Feedback

Listen to Your Customers

This is a key aspect of your business that many people ignore when it comes to small business management.

You must listen to your customers on what they say about your services or products. Understand how they feel about your services. Take note and respond to their concerns appropriately.

Follow-Up on Every Decision

When a customer promise to pay you back but failed to deliver on time, try to follow up with that person. They can frustrate you to stop doing business.


Keep in mind to do every follow-up at the end of every day. Keep track of every discussion and possibly write them down.

Give Special Packages to Customers on Occasion

  • Design some special packages for your customers and let them feel good buying from you.
  • Be concerned to know your regular customers, motivate them, and give them a special discount. Be different from your competitors. Treat your customers with care and they will bring you more income.

Summary of How to start a business from Home

As a new entrepreneur, you must first get the knowledge in starting a business. Seek advice from other people who are in business already.

  • Set up your business when you get the knowledge.
  • Make sure you register it with the registrar general to build your credibility and trust in your customers
  • Get financial knowledge on how you can run the business.
  • Take advantage of the online market.
  • Market your business with a strategy
  • Customer care and feedback.

 Let us know if something was missing in our content. Comment for us to know.