How to Start a Business with No Money and Bad Credit (Complete Guide)

Start a business with no money
Start a business with happiness

Are you thinking like the way I’m doing now? How to start a business with no money and bad credit is always what I dream of doing. Nevertheless, there are many ways to do that as you join me through this journey. Starting a business is about the mindset not necessarily the money. If you have money at the bank with no business intended, nothing can be affected. The reality is to start with your mindset before any other thing will be required.

1. Idea Generation

Do you want to start any business? If yes, what business? If it is a car wash business, then think of what is needed to commence it. If you are also thinking of starting an ecommerce business as a beginner, then you must have the blueprint.

The blueprint is nothing but your business idea. The first stage of starting a business is the idea about that particular business. Visualize the business and pen it down before you forget.

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The most difficult but yet the important factor to consider in business commencement is all about the idea. Choose a business idea that you want to start. If you are looking about how to start a business with no money and bad credit, begin with service business.

We have several service business you can start a beginner if you don’t have cash with you. If you want to start these service business, then you can choose any of these small business ideas:

Content writing:

Just like you are reading now, this is all about content writing. Choose an idea like this to earn from people who publish arivcles. You may write for a media house, or an individual need this particular service. You can equally write for bloggers to make money. This may depend on your creativity and topnotch writing skills.


Freelancing jobs:

This almost the same as the first point which was content writing. This may differ because freelancng is detailed and comprise of so many skills. Freelancing is all about that special skills you have and can work for money in return. You can join this on Upwork, Freelancing or Fiverr.

Graphic Designer

You can start a business with no money and bad credit by just becoming a graphic designer. This is a service business that need little effort to become one. Free tools like canva may help you to do this easily.


Social media management

You may also become a social media manager for the people and receive payment in return. Some organizations and individuals want to get someone to manage their social media handles of which you can choose to become one.


Affiliate marketer:

You may choose to become an affiliate marketer to earn from any sales you make. Amazon affiliate is a good program you can join as a beginner to earn a commission.


Online tutoring:

Can teach others online? Join plaftorms that gives you the platform to teach students and earn an income. You may eand hourly, daily, weekly or monthly depending the terms you had with your clients.



If you have a camera with you then start this service business. It can offer you some job opportunity to earn an extra income. This is the opportunity to express your creativity to earn income.

2. Do Market Research

Aside the service business ideas, you can start any other business you have as your idea. Do thorough market research before you get to start any business idea you have.

This will guide you to know whether the idea is viable or not. It will also give you the previlidge to know your competitors and how they do their business.  As you get to know your business, try to be innovative and add value to the product you are bringing.

The market research you conduct can help you to know whether people will patronize your business or not when set up.


3. Learn from others

There are many things involve when you start a new business in a new environment. It is associated with risk of losing it fast if care and due diligence are not taking into consideration.

Take your time to learn from other people who started before you. It can be physical mentorship or online. This will guide you to make an informed decision when your business kicks start.


4. Start a commission work

Thinking about how to start a business with no money and bad credit? Start small as a commission worker. If you are interested in clothing business, link up with an existing boutique, have an agreement to get paid per each sale you make.

Get the pictures of the various clothing, market them on social media. Any sale you ,ake guarantee you of aggregating customers for your own setup. Keep the contact of your customers well and save enough from your sales to start your own business.

Create a WhatsApp group or Facebook group to share new designs to your potential customers. Advertise aggressively for them to know your presence. This will be a way to gather money towards your startup.


5. Partner with others

Find a trusted business to partner with them towards your idea. There are some companies willing to invest with other people to create business. Find out from them their terms and conditions to commence business. It is possible to start a business if only you are serious. Some business will allow you to take their product on credit, sell and bring their money back. Partner with them to make some money for your business.



6. Write a business proposal

When you understand business, then you must understand business proposal. Write your idea with an amount required detailing what, how and when to commence the business. Search for organizations or individuals accepting business ideas to pitch your business to them. You can start this through exploring the internet and submit your business proposal for a consideration. This will help you to start a business with no money and bad credit as an entrepreneur.


7. Seek for support

You can seek for financial support from your friends, family or any benevolent person. Tell them what you want the money for and the payment terms. Your close friends and family after knowing the idea can help you start a business.



When you are thinking of how to start a business with no money and bad credit, the this article is yours to keep your idea in reality. Get the ide first, research about the business, write a business plan, learn on the job, sell for a commission, partner with others, write proposals or seek for family and friends support to begin it.