How to Trim a Brisket: Complete Guide


How long does it take in cooking your meat? We are here to give you a complete guide on how to trim a brisket you have gotten from the shop. When you take the necessary steps, trimming it becomes so easy and helpful to you. This can be beautifully prepared before heading to smoking it.

I guess you have a bit of knowledge of what brisket is and how easy it is to use when trimmed. A good brisket must have good preparation. With the cost of the brisket, you shouldn’t fail in good preparation and hygiene.

The first thing to note is that trimming is a crucial aspect of cooking. When you fail to properly trim it, you are not likely to get the delicious taste of it cooking.

The tools you will need the trim nicely your brisket differ depending on your choice of tools. I will let you know some of these tools to facilitate your work so easily.

Sharp Knife: You will need a sharp knife, a wooden cutting board, and hand gloves.

The knife will help you in cutting the meat nicely. Avoid using blunt because it is going to make your work very difficult. Using a sharp chef’s knife will help you get a good job done. Avoid using a blunt knife because it will make your work difficult.

Gloves: Using gloves will help you get a grip on the meat well. It helps you to hold it well while cutting. You can remove them when you are done with your work.

Wooden Cutting Board: Where do you want to put your brisket? It is this large wooden board that you can put it on. You are recommended to get a large surface to put your brisket on. Using larger wooden bard help to feel free when trimming your brisket.



how to trim a brisket

This is the period you must know how to trim a brisket you have in your kitchen. It is the period to jump into business and do the needful.


This is the time to hold at hand your brisket as we proceed to the process. We recommend that you pick your brisket on your wooden board. Getting a brisket of 20 pounds or below is highly recommended.

Look for the one with good looking and fat. Never allow it to frighten you when lifting your brisket. Take them to where appropriate for your next step.

Make Sure It is cold

When the fat is cold it makes it easy to lift and handle for trimming. Make sure that the brisket is cold as you pick it for the process. Bring it out of your fridge for it to be worked on.


When it comes to how to trim a brisket a lot goes in but very easy. As you have picked it from your freezer, you must rinse it and let it dry. Don’t forget to take a sharp knife to trim it. Most people just pick a knife, but preferably choose a sharp one for the trimming. Get a knife with a good sharp blade that can remove fats when trimming.

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Start removing the soft fat from the right meat. Take the fat small and remove it slowly. Remove it from the top or down of the brisket.

What I must tell you is that, try to be fast in your process because heat can affect the process. It makes it difficult to trim when you allow the fat to melt. Start by taking the softer part of it. When you are able to trim the softer part you can now go to the harder part of it.



Keep cutting as we said in the 3rd guide, keep trimming by cutting the softer part before going to the harder part of it. Begin with a slice that is wide enough for you to hold the fat you just cut with your left hand while continuing to trim with the knife in your dominant wrist. Make extremely superficial cuts with your knife blade practically level with the brisket.

You can trim closer to the flesh and remove the fat as required. It is not recommended to remove all the fat and leave at least ¼ of the fat. The reason is that some love to have a little bit of fat. This is optional and remembers tastes differ from an individual. Continue to trim but not into the meat.



Keep removing the fat slowly. Keep checking on where there is a wide gap of fat, and remove them slowly until you get what you want. There will be some part of fat on the meat so trim and removes them slowly. Be patient if only you asked how to trim a brisket. Be patient in your work.

As you are trimming, take your precious time to look at it again. Is there anywhere you will cut again? Make sure you trim where it is necessary to do. Carve out any fat if possible to help you see the fresh meat.


Turn the brisket around on the cutting board to help you know how to go by it. This will help you know where is covered by the fat. Begin to carve off the fat where is necessary. Use your sharp knife to remove the place covered with fat.

Turn and repeat your work to identify where there are mistakes about your work. Why don’t you stand and admire your own work? That will be a great way to get a glimpse of any part that requires your work.

It is easy to make mistakes so be patient with your work



Have a final view of your work and identify what is left to be done. Make sure you have a look at the brisket to make sure it is even. Discard the extra or excess fat if you don’t need it. Others prefer using it for sausage.

Looking at how to trim a brisket be cautious when cutting the wired angles, remove the fat slowly and check it as you do.

We are happy to see you trimming your first brisket, you can now do it any time. We have several articles that can help you get your health moving to the right process. Our weight loss tea can also help you reduce excess body weight.