I Will Contest as Independent Candidate- Alan  Kyerematen

In the 2024 general elections, many issues and stories continue to arise as the candidature of Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen evolves. Alan Kyerematen was part of the 10 candidates who contested in the NPP special delegate’s congress.

The treatment meted out on his people as well as the processes did not go well. He went ahead to resign as part of the top 5 members who won.

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He went on hibernation to deliberate with his team on the next agenda to Ghana’s politics. He finally resigned and formed his own political party called Movement for Change. He will contest as an independent candidate in the 2024 general elections

What led to Alan Kyerematen’s Resignation

  • Unfair Treatment with the Party: He complained bitterly that the party did not treat him fairly during the just-ended delegate’s congress.
  • The legacy of Aduromeso: He also felt that the NPP as a party failed to follow the principles and the norms of the party. President Akufo-Addo was allowed to become president when he gave him the opportunity. This is the time for him to also become flag bearer but it is never so under this government
  • The Intimidation of Members: Alan feels that the party continues to maltreat his supporters the moment they declare their support for him. They were either forced to resign or get fired.
  • Imposition of an Establishment Candidate: It is alleged that the party is imposing Vice President Dr. Alhaji Mahamoudu Bawamia to become the flagbearer of the great New Patriotic Party. He feels that this shouldn’t be the problem and that the chances of the party maintaining power with such a leader are difficult.
  • Disappointment in Delegates: He felt disappointed in many delegates who did not vote for him, especially Ashanti region where he pulled just 10 votes.
  • He wants to lead: Alan’s quest for power is only to win power in 2024 not just to follow NPP. He has started his movement for change to become the next president of Ghana.
  • To Change the mantle of NDC and NPP: He resigned to change the political discourse of the country where NPP and NDC continue to rule.
  • The Party failed to fulfill its promise: In the year 2008 when he resigned based on some issues of unfair deal, the Party promised to him and his supporters.

What to Know About “Movement for Change”

The MFC as stand is established by Alan to stage a war against corruption and bring change to the development of Ghana. The brand motor of the movement is “Ghana Will Rise Again.”

This movement symbolizes hope for the development of Ghana. The new movement will be led and powered by the youth of Ghana.

He thinks that as he resigns, it will be easy for him to help the youth gain hope again in the politics of Ghana.

This movement aims to change the status quo of the political duopoly of Ghana mainly NDC and NPP.

This party is to bring change and bring the winner-takes-all-all syndrome in Ghana. He wants to use this party to promote political unity in Ghana.

He mentioned that the country needs change and he is the best person to bring that change to Ghana.

This is Alan Kyerematen’s second time resigning from the NPP as a party.