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Investar Online Banking: The Future of Convenient and Secure Banking

investar online banking
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What do you know about Investar Online Banking? It is one platform taken over the payment and investment platform using technology to ease customer satisfaction.

Investar Bank is loyal to providing its customers with a continuous and convenient banking experience. With the advancement of digital transformation, online banking has emerged as a game-changer in the financial sector of doing business. Investar Online Banking is an all-inclusive and convenient platform that brings banking services right to your fingertips. In this article, we will explore the various features and benefits of Investar Online Banking and how it can transform the way you manage your finances.

Table of Contents

  1. Access Your Accounts Anytime, Anywhere
  2. Online Bill Payment Made Easy
  3. They help secure your account
  4. Fund moving made easily
  5. Convenience in Mobile Banking
  6. You can Send Money to Zelle
  7. Take full Charge of your Debit Card
  8. Mobile Deposit for Quick and Easy Banking
  9. Join Investar Online Banking
  10. FAQs
  11. Conclusion Access Your Accounts Anytime, Anywhere

You may conveniently access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with Investar Online Banking. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly manage your finances, whether you’re at home or on the move. Bid farewell to protracted bank lines and welcome to the flexibility of doing your banking at your speed.

Stay Updated with Real-Time Account Information

Viewing your transactions and their impact on your account is simple with Investar Online Banking when you become their client. Checking your money at the bank or waiting for printed statements are things of the past because, with just your phone and internet connection, you are done. Now, from the convenience of your home, you may monitor account activity, examine your daily balances, and even view and print check photos.

Simplify Your Banking with Fund Transfers

It’s now easier than ever to transfer money between your Investar Bank accounts you opened and have. Your money is always where you need it with the ease of moving money between your personal accounts to another account of your own with a few clicks. Furthermore, you can move money across external accounts at other institutions using Investar Online Banking. You may finally wave goodbye to the headache of writing cheques and going to several banks to handle your money.

Seamlessly Pay Bills Online

The Bill Pay feature of Investar Online Banking makes bill payment simple with less stress. There will be no more stamp purchases, check writing, or envelope addressing when you are with them. Paying your bills online allows you to do it from anywhere at any time and anywhere you find yourself. You may quickly arrange and manage your payments with a few clicks, whether they are one-time or recurring.

Online Bill Payment Made Easy

Investar Online Banking by paying bills online
Online Bill Payment

The Online Bill Payment feature of Investar Online Banking is intended to make paying bills easier for you. The following are some of the main characteristics that make bill management simpler than before:

Pay Anyone, Anytime

You may pay invoices to any company, retailer, or individual via online bill payment. Investar Online Banking provides you with the ability to pay utility payments, credit card bills, and even transfer money to friends. Bid farewell to the trouble of sending payments by mail and writing cheques.

Schedule Recurring Payments

You can easily keep track of your expenses by scheduling regular payments with Investar Online Banking. Establish automated payments for your insurance, mortgage, and other ongoing costs. Enjoy the ease of always having your invoices paid on time and never missing one again.

Faster Payments, Less Risk

Investar Online Banking allows faster payments with lower risk by allowing you to transfer most of your payments electronically. Electronic payments ensure that your invoices are paid on time since they are handled swiftly and effectively. With electronic bill payments, you can wave goodbye to the uncertainty surrounding letter delivery and have the peace of mind that follows.

Secure Your Account Data and Save Money

In addition to being convenient, Investar Online Banking puts your account data security first. The following are some advantages of having electronic access to your statements:

1. Eliminate the Risk of Mail Theft

Statements that are mailed can be stolen, either from an unguarded mailbox or from a courier that handles them improperly. You may avoid mail theft and all of its bad effects by using electronic access to your statements. Take comfort in the knowledge that your financial information is safe.

2. Potential Cost Savings

Investar Bank provides eStatements at no cost to you. By opting for electronic statements, you may potentially save money compared to paper statements. Check your account disclosures to see if a paper statement fee applies to your account(s) and take advantage of the cost savings offered by eStatements.

3. Move Funds with Ease

Investar Online Banking allows you to quickly and securely move funds between your accounts at Investar Bank. In addition, you can also transfer funds between external accounts at other financial institutions. Here’s how you can take advantage of this convenient feature:

4. Internal Transfers

Transferring money between your accounts is simple with Investar Online Banking. With only a few clicks, you may transfer money from your checking account to your savings account or vice versa. Savor the freedom to manage your money anywhere in the Investar Bank network.

5. External Transfers

Beyond internal transfers, Investar Online Banking offers more. Additionally, you may easily transfer money by linking your external accounts with other financial institutions. It’s simple to manage all of your accounts in one location with Investar Online Banking, whether your goal is to simplify your finances or have greater control over them.

6. Convenient Mobile Banking

Desktop users may access Investar Online Banking from anywhere. You may transfer money between your personal accounts whenever and wherever you choose with the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app. With a few clicks on your smartphone, you can manage your money completely from your sofa or while on the road.

Mobile Banking for Ultimate Convenience

The Mobile Banking app from Investar Online Banking elevates convenience to a new level. The following characteristics make mobile banking the best tool available for handling your finances:

Quick and Easy Bill Payments

You may use a single website to pay numerous bills at once by utilizing the Mobile Banking app. With convenience, pay your invoices by selecting the payment date and amount from any of your qualifying Investar checking accounts. Organize and save your payment records in one convenient location.

Transfer Funds on the Go

Want to transfer funds from one personal account to another? You’re covered by the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app. With only a few touches on your mobile device, you may transfer money to external accounts or inside Investar Bank. No matter where you are, maintain control over your money.

Secure Money Transfers with Zelle

Sending money to friends, family, or others you trust has never been easier. With Zelle integration in the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app, you can send money instantly and securely. Say goodbye to the hassle of writing checks or dealing with cash and enjoy the convenience of digital money transfers.

Take Control of Your Debit Card

Your debit card’s power is at your fingertips with the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app. You may temporarily disable your card if it is lost or stolen, set up notifications to keep track of your card activity, and more. Knowing that you have total control over your debit card will give you peace of mind.

Send Money Instantly with Zelle

A quick, safe, and simple method to transfer money to loved ones or anybody you trust is with Zelle. You may send money instantaneously to anyone with just the recipient’s email address or cellphone number thanks to Investar Bank’s integration of Zelle into the cellphone Banking app. Here’s how using Zelle can make money transfers easier for you:

Instant Money Transfers

There’s no need to wait days for money to move when using Zelle. Money received via Zelle is nearly instantaneously available, so the receivers may start using it straight away. Zelle streamlines and expedites the process of dividing bills, repaying friends, and giving gifts.

Secure and Reliable

Investar Bank is concerned about the security of your funds. Your money is safe during the transfer procedure because of the various levels of protection that guard Zelle transactions. Enjoy the security that comes with digital money transfers and wave goodbye to the hazards involved with sending or carrying cash.

Convenient Integration

It is simple to transmit money straight from your mobile device thanks to Zelle’s seamless integration with the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app. There’s no need to switch between platforms or download a different app. You can get everything you need with Investar Bank and Zelle in one location.

Take Control of Your Debit Card

Investar Bank’s Mobile Banking app gives you complete control over your debit card. Here are some of the features that put you in charge:

Set Up Custom Alerts With Investar Online Banking

Stay informed about your debit card activity with custom alerts. You can set up alerts for transactions over a specific amount, online purchases, and more. Receive instant notifications whenever your card is used, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your account is secure.

Temporarily Turn Off Your Card

Misplacing your debit card can be a cause for concern. With the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app, you can temporarily turn off your card if it’s lost or stolen. This feature gives you time to locate your card or take the necessary steps to protect your account from unauthorized use.

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Control Your Spending

Worried about overspending? The Mobile Banking app allows you to set spending limits for your debit card. Simply choose the maximum amount you want to spend within a specific time frame, and the app will automatically decline transactions that exceed your set limits. Take control of your finances and stay within your budget.

Mobile Deposit for Quick and Easy Banking

Investar Bank’s Mobile Banking app brings the power of mobile deposits right to your fingertips. Here’s how you can take advantage of this convenient feature:

Deposit Checks Anytime, Anywhere

No more trips to the bank to deposit checks. With mobile deposit, you can quickly and securely deposit checks using the camera on your smart device. Simply capture an image of the check, and the app will guide you through the deposit process. It’s quick, easy, and saves you valuable time.

Terms and Conditions Apply With Investar Online Banking

know the terms and conditions of Investar Online Banking
Terms and conditions are important

All terms and conditions of online banking disclosures apply to mobile deposits. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free banking experience. The maximum limit for mobile deposits is $20,000 per check, with daily and monthly deposit limits in place to protect your account.

Convenient and Secure

Investar Bank’s Mobile Banking app prioritizes the security of your deposits. Your information is encrypted and protected, ensuring that your transactions are safe and secure. Enjoy the convenience of depositing checks anytime, anywhere, without compromising on security.

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Enroll in Investar Online Banking

Enrolling in Investar Online Banking is quick and easy. Here’s how you can get started:

Visit Investar Bank’s Website

To enroll in Investar Online Banking, visit the official Investar Bank website. Look for the “Enroll” or “Sign Up” button, usually located in the top right corner of the homepage. Click on the button to begin the enrollment process.

Provide Your Information

Follow the prompts to provide the necessary information, including your personal details, account information, and security preferences. Make sure you have your account number and other relevant details on hand to complete the enrollment process smoothly.

Create Your Online Banking Profile

After you’ve entered all the necessary data, register for an online banking account. Establish a username and password that are simple to recall but challenging for others to decipher. For extra protection, use a strong password with a mix of alphanumeric characters, digits, and special characters.

Complete the Enrollment Process

After establishing your online banking profile, read the terms and conditions carefully and agree to them. To better safeguard your account, you could also be asked to set up extra security features like security questions or two-factor authentication. You’re prepared to begin online banking with Investar Bank once you’ve finished all the necessary procedures.


Q: Is Investar Online Banking secure?

Data security for your accounts is given top priority by Investar Online Banking. The platform protects your data and transactions using industry-standard encryption technologies. To further protect your account, Investar Bank employs many security levels.

Q: Can I access Investar Online Banking from my mobile device?

Yes, you may use your mobile device to access Investar Online Banking in its entirety. Just use your online banking login information to download the Investar Bank Mobile Banking app from the app store on your smartphone. Savor the ease of banking while on the go.

Q: Are there any fees associated with Investar Online Banking?

Free personal internet banking is offered by Investar Bank. To find out if there are any costs associated with any particular services or features, please consult your account disclosures.

Q: Can I link external accounts to Investar Online Banking?

You may link external accounts from other financial institutions using Investar Online Banking, yes. This tool gives you a full picture of your money by allowing you to manage all of your accounts in one location.


The simple and safe banking of the future is Investar Online Banking. It puts financial services at your fingertips with features like mobile banking, online bill payment, cash transfers, and 24/7 account access, among others. Bid farewell to protracted bank lines and hello to the flexibility of banking whenever and however you choose. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that come with enrolling in Investar Online Banking now.