It is Unacceptable for Akufo Addo to Spend over half a billion- John Mahama

The former president and the leader of the largest opposition party say that it is unacceptable for Akufo Addo to spend over half a billion Ghana cedis on a national cathedral project. He further explained that the cathedral is a misplaced priority a fall short of the development of the republic. He continued to explain that, the project has ultimately failed due to the risen corruption in it.

JDM emphasized that he is surprised that the president continues to misuse public funds instead of investing in a housing project that will benefit thousands of Ghanaian families.

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“Knowing the NPP government, they did not want to complete the Saglemi housing project simply because it was initiated by John Mahama and an NDC administration,” he said.

The former president elaborated that leaders must always prioritize the well-being of the citizens they are serving. They should ensure that they serve the people to benefit from government resources and projects.

But is unacceptable for Akufo Addo to spend over half a billion on his personal promised project to God. If you will recount during the campaign time of the current president, he said, “I will protect the public purse.”

This is a government that claims that it will prioritize what the people want. The Saglemi housing project is for the people of Ghana yet they refused to do the right.

A lot of people are complaining yet the president said the cathedral is the priority upon priorities. It is glaring and painful to raise money to complete the Saglemi housing project yet you spend half a billion cedis on the largest expensive hole in the world.

This issue of the misplaced priority goes beyond imagination where many scandals keep coming day in and day out from the cathedral building.

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