Joyce Dzidzor Pregnant For Reverend Father Threatened To Sue

Joyce Dzidzor

Former Ghana Aids Ambassador under the elsewhere Mahama regime threatened to sue the health center for her predicaments. It has been revealed that she had her first pregnancy test which shows she is pregnant.

Joyce Dzidzor is surprised by her pregnancy possibility after her test. She revealed, “I’ve been on birth control for a year”.

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She shared the pregnancy test recently revealing her possibility of pregnant again. News recently about Joyce Dzidzor Mensah was unpleasant on her depression and threat of departure soon which allowed her son taken away from her is back again with another pregnancy issue.

She indicated that she has had her Intrauterine Device (IUD) birth control implant about a year ago and still wonders why the possibility of picking another seed.

Her Facebook post which was also sighted on GhanaWeb revealed that she might be pregnant for a catholic priest in Hamburg.

Her post was not as pleasant as we use to know her saying God should help her. She indicated her sleepless night because of this issue of being pregnant again. She further called her father to the grave to help her through this problem.

According to her revelation, the man responsible for this pregnancy is a catholic priest. She threatened to sue the facility that fixed the IUD in case it turns to be true she is pregnant after her final test on Monday. She described the facility for failing her with their poor service making her be pregnant again.

Joyce Dzidzor revealed the possibility of taking on the matter of court suit against the facility for their unprofessional service of family planning.