The Ghana police have arrested King Promise look-alike popularly known as Robest Jnr on TikTok for unknown reasons. The famous TikTok and social media influencer was seen in a viral video being apprehended by Ghana police, but the reason for his arrest has yet to be made public.

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However, many people, however, assume the video is a prank or one of his comedic acts and antics. From the video, it could be seen that Robest begged the two Ghana police officers to let him dress properly before accompanying them to the police station.


From the beginning of the popular video, it appears that the King Promise look-alike Robest Jnr was making a live video when the two cops arrived to arrest him.

Some of Ghana’s biggest artists, like King Promise, KiDi, Kuame Eugene, medical, and Mr. Drew, have dominated the Ghanaian music business, and both fun and look-alikes have expressed their adoration for them. This year has been fantastic, and a collection of look-alikes that wear clothing that bears similarities to these big artists have surfaced on social media, and it appears to be the current trend.

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On social media alone, these look-alikes have amassed thousands of fans and followers just like their icons.

Many of them have been producing their own content most of them including videos of themselves costumed as their role models. They mostly are seen lip-syncing or imitating musical performances that were performed by their icons.

On the good side, these young celebrities may have achieves which have pushed them into the public eye and even provided them with additional opportunities to work with various businesses, make appearances on important occasions, and even provide performances.

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Therefore, the news of his arrest surprised many of his fans and followers, causing them to speculate about what the celebrity may have done to warrant his arrest. Could this happen to the other look-alikes?

Several people have speculated that the King Promise lookalike may have involved his unique resemblance to King Promise to commit or influence the art in a way that he shouldn’t act or conduct.

Although portraying oneself to resemble another person is not inherently illegal in Ghana, what one does with that picture will determine if it is.

Therefore, we hope that our favorite musician has not committed any serious offenses and will soon be released. will therefore follow the story closely and keep you informed as the story unfolds.

Check out his arrest!