Just In: Thieves Stole Coffins in Mamponteng

Amazing things continue to happen under this sun called earth. We use to fear coffins but now it seems to be something common as we witness issues of death across the country. Thieves use to steal things that have relevance to their life but not a coffin or casket. Yesterday morning, thieves broke into a coffin shop and stole 2 of them.

To the amazement of the public, they were able to cut some sections of the shop and stole 2 of the coffins. The thieves stole coffins to also support their lives financially or probably for a reason.

The thieves were able to break the metal net without fear of being arrested. The amazing thing to me is that who sent them to do this? Many people in the region said it is taboo or prohibited to steal coffins.

According to the video circulating, many were left in a state of shock. Others were shouting “Kurom ay3 hye” meaning the economy is tough. They were even asking in the video why people can be thieves to the extent of stealing coffins. What about if someone was inside one of the coffins?

The thieves were able to cut part of the shop and went away with the coffins. No one knows the whereabout of these thieves yet as we speak, but investigations are still ongoing.