KiDi Defies Health Rumors and Makes a Resilient Comeback to the Music Scene, Emerging Stronger than Ever

KiDi, a talented artist signed to Lynx Entertainment, has made a remarkable comeback to the music scene following an absence of nearly two months, during which he faced some health concerns. has been monitoring the story of KiDi’s health issues on social media. Although KiDi has been temporarily silent on his social media, this has made his fans to be increasingly worried and has sparked a wave of false rumors about his whereabouts. Among the various speculations, one rumor that gained significant attention was the claim that he had suffered a stroke.

The rumor quickly spread throughout social media, and it even escalated to the point where it was believed that the popular Afrobeat and high-life singer-songwriter was not only battling a stroke but also grappling with liver cancer.

The news of KiDi’s supposed stroke was considered a major headline in the country, and there was genuine concern among Ghanaians about his well-being and even his life expectancy. Understandably, this was an extremely distressing situation for his supporters.

However, KiDi’s management team stepped in to refute these reports through a statement shared on Twitter, and they further substantiated their claim by releasing a series of videos showing KiDi actively moving around.

Despite these efforts to clarify the situation, the news had already spread far and wide, prompting KiDi himself to personally address the misconceptions and provide an update on his health.

Breaking his silence on Facebook on April 14, KiDi explained that he had made the difficult decision to cancel his tour and take a break from social media in order to focus on his health.

He vehemently denied the stroke rumors and firmly rejected the notion that he was battling any health issues. He expressed his disappointment at the false stories that had caused concern among his fans but refused to give them any further attention.


During his hiatus, KiDi was deeply moved by the overwhelming love and support he received from his family, friends, fans, and the brands he collaborates with. Their unwavering support provided him with immense strength during this challenging period. Grateful for their loyalty, KiDi expressed his joy at returning to what he loves most—creating music and performing for his devoted followers.

He expressed his sincere gratitude for their unwavering support, urging them to continue standing by his side.

However, upon his return, KiDi released a new single titled “I Lied,” in which he revealed that he wasn’t entirely okay. In the song, he cryptically hinted at issues with his liver and a deep inner pain masked by his smile. In one of the verses, he sang, “If I show you my liver, you’ll pray for me,” which further fueled speculation about a possible liver problem.

KiDi emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating artists while they are still alive rather than after they have passed away, urging the music industry to give him his due recognition.

In a trailer YouTube interview with Sika Osei on the show ‘Stripped’ monitored by yet to be released on 10th May, at 6:30 pm, KiDi once again refuted the rumors of having a stroke or liver condition. He expressed his disbelief at the outrageous claim of having a stroke and categorically denied any liver disease.

It is clear that KiDi wants to set the record straight and put an end to the unfounded speculations surrounding his health.

Despite the turmoil surrounding his health, KiDi made a surprise appearance at the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ceremony, dispelling any lingering doubts about his ability to perform and reassuring his fans that he is indeed on the road to recovery.

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