Kidi is Reportedly Sick and Off From All Social Media Activities

The “Touch It” hitmaker also called by many Sugar Daddy, Dennis Nana Dwamena as his biological name is reported to be sick. This has sparked a lot of controversies on the internet.

Kidi is Reportedly Sick and Off All Social Media Activities

Many fans of Kidi as they called him on all his music titles are rumored to be battling now with a stroke.

According to reports and research, Kidi is off from almost all his social media handles.

We are not yet sure whether Kidi this superstar is truly sick or battling from stroke as many people alleged.

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From our check, Kidi’s last post on Instagram was on February 14, 2023. He has since been absent from all social media posts.

Another post by him that seem emotional sought to explain that he won’t be able to perform at the “GoldenBoy North American tour since being postponed to an unknown date.

He explained in his post that he has to postpone his tour because of health issues which may even land him in another problem.

On the contrary view, Richie Mensah popularly known as Richie, the artist manager and the CEO of Lynx records came out to dismiss the case of Kidi battling with stroke.

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He posted on his Twitter handle that “Kidi hasn’t had a stroke. Ignore the rumors and the click baits.

The management of Lynx Entertainment posted to debunk the viral information about Kidi’s health issue.

Richie debunked the post by various news portals about his artiste’s health. He mentioned that there is no iota of truth in the information and that their fans should debunk all the information.


We have also seen massive reactions from the fans of Kidi as the allegations of he been down by stroke.

We saw one post from one popular fan and a controversial figure in the entertainment industry, Bongo ideas asking fans to pray for Kidi who is alleged to be down from a stroke.