Moagyimi Too Much! Tueh, Albert Nat Hyde Hits Hard On Alpha Hour Members

Albert Nat Hyde also known as Bongo Ideas, has hit hard on Alpha hour members as fools. He made mention that because our system does not work well, almost 44K people ignorantly think that shouting “helebaba helebaba” has the keys to success.

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Alpha hour according to Bongo Ideas is a psychological scam that is disguised as a spiritual exercise. And that is supposed “Man of God” uses the opportunity to enrich himself to the detriment of his followers. [Read More: Black Rasta and Afya on internet Wrestle]

The supposed man of God uses the opportunity to extort money from tithes or offerings from the online audience.

He emphasized that the supposed man of God is not the one who provides solutions to any problems. “Twiaaaaaaa!” he exclaimed. He asked whether the one-way prayers of the Pastor are more efficacious or powerful than their church pastors.

He continues to say that, even some men of God like Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland who are good at performing miracles were later exposed as mere preachers fed on the desperation and fears of people.

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“The Alpha Hour guy wraps up his sweaty marathon of shouts and hands over his MoMo and PayPal accounts for collection because man must eat”.

You are all fools. Source: BongoIdeas Facebook post.