NaCCA denies Controversial history book textbooks as GES recommended for students

The Controversial history textbook currently on the market, according to Professor Edward Appiah, Director General of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), was not among the books the Ministry of Education purchased for the Ghana Education Service (GES) to distribute to the nation’s basic schools.

He claims that NaCCA read the original textbook and denied ever endorsing or having access to the parts that denigrated Christianity.

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It came to the general public notice after it was discovered the textbook for primary four students was published by Excellence Publications titled “History of Ghana” which NaCCA denied.

Professor Edwin Appiah explained in an interview on Citi TV that, “I’m not disputing that NaCCA hasn’t previously approved some of the publisher’s books. This textbook has generated controversy. We wanted to see the versions of his textbooks he has published so we can then make a firm decision.”

” My people and I have done meticulous work when it comes to evaluation and have also done a comprehensive review of the book, I find myself equally surprised, just like everyone else. I need to see the version that is currently available before I can decide with certainty. The Ministry of Education did not purchase the contentious textbook for GES.”

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The NaCCA director-general lamented the volume of textbooks being sold to unwary parents and students after being illegally smuggled onto the market which has caused a lot of concerns.

He also added that, when you take a good look at the textbook, It could be noticed that inscriptions on some of these counterfeit textbooks showed it was approved meanwhile it is not.

“It has come to our attention that a notable portion of the textbooks available in the market for pupils lack the approval of NaCCA or GES. Additionally, there are instances where publishers prioritize profit over accuracy and quality, resulting in the fabrication of textbooks. Even though some books claim to be based on the NaCCA or GES syllabus, they are not NaCCA-approved. These are some of the advertising ploys that publishers employ, and people say things like NaCCA approved.”

He stressed the fact that their authority is limited to the market where individuals sell their books. As a free market enterprise, they cannot dictate whether someone should or should not sell unapproved books. However, they strongly advise exercising caution in such situations.

On May 25, 2023, NaCCA deem it necessary to clarify things with the general public and therefore demanded that the History book be immediately recalled following the controversy it caused.

Following the harm and controversy the textbook has caused to parents and the general public, the Ghana National Association of Authors and Publishers issued an unequivocal apology to NaCCA on On May 29, the Ministry of Education, and to the general public for any harm this may have caused.

Source: CitiNews

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