NDC Plans to Do a Proper SIM Card Registration When They Come to Power

The Minority caucus in Parliament has disclosed their plans to allow for a new SIM re-registration exercise for Ghanaians. NDC plans to do a proper SIM card registration because the current re-registration is full of abnormalities.

This announcement follows the ongoing SIM card re-registration initiative undertaken by the current Government, which began on October 1, 2021, with the primary aim of combating fraud and monitoring individuals engaged in criminal activities through their mobile devices.

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The new bill passed by parliament required all Ghanaians to re-register their SIM cards using their Ghana Cards. And Failure to register will result in SIM card deactivation after the final deadline of May 31, 2023.

After 31st May, millions of Ghanaian’s SIM cards were deactivated including some prominent Ghanaians like Alban Bagbin, the speaker of parliament, and some other members of parliament.


Following this, Samuel Nartey George who is the Deputy Ranking Member on the Communications Committee of Parliament expressed during a briefing held at Parliament, to express his concerns regarding the current re-registration process and outlined the NDC government’s intention to conduct a comprehensive SIM re-registration exercise in the future when they come to power in 2025.

He believed that the ongoing sim registration was wrong and believed that the NIA could have done better, “The minority caucus does not think that the ongoing will effectively address the issue of crime, as the Ghana Card itself is fundamentally flawed.

And hence, when we come into power that is the first thing we will seek to rectify, we will undertake a proper re-registration of SIM cards, ensuring a more efficient process that does not require individuals to queue at telecom offices.”

In connection with the ongoing SIM deactivation the, the Minister of Communications and Digitalization has informed that the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) will be working with the Bank of Ghana to enable merchants who were not able to get their sim cards to register before the deactivation to retrieve their funds.

Following the SIM card deactivation after the deadline on 31st May, many people have their monies locked up in the mobile money wallets and many have expressed worries about the situation.

The minister for information Mr. Owusu-Ekuful in a debriefing update on the currents state of the SIM re-registration exercise assured members of parliament that all customers who have lost their monies in their mobile money accounts will get them back through appropriate procedures which they will later disclose.

“All Ghanaians who are yet to be issued their Ghana card will get one. The National Identification Authority (NIA) speed up the process to ensure all individuals obtain their Ghana Cards. We are also aware of the challenges subscribers face accessing funds in their mobile money wallets and are working to address these issues.”