Newbies Strategies for WarriorPlus Affiliate Commission

Unlock your code to earn WarriorPlus Affiliate Commission
Unlock your code to earn WarriorPlus Affiliate Commission

As a beginner in the affiliate business, I wondered how to make my first sales and earn my first-ever commission. This was my nightmare because I first failed in Click Bank, Digistore24, and Market Health. I read books online and watched video tutorials until I discovered how to earn WarriorPlus Affiliate Commission.

Affiliate marketing is not just a marketing skill but a science in the marketing industry. It requires strategies and principles adopted by the experts. This article will show you the strategies to earn your first WarriorPlus affiliate commission with little or no investment.

When I initially signed up for the platform, I advertised every product I came across. I was wrong, but I had no guidance until I learned the trick from a subject matter expert in the affiliate marketing industry. Thankfully, you might not experience what I did when I first joined Affiliate. Your only mistake is avoiding the strategies I implemented and adapting what you don’t understand

I made my first $150 when I got these tips I’m about to share with you. I used this eBook to support digital marketing as a beginner.

I recently discovered these strategies to make money online without any investment, thus affiliate marketing using Instagram.


1. Signup up for the WarriorPlus Network

You first have to sign up on the WarriorPlus website to become an affiliate marketer for them.

It is simple to register; all you need is a working email address, username, and password.

To start the full marketing campaign, you must validate your email after entering all of your credentials and log in.


2. Find a product to promote

The next step after joining WarriorPlus is to get a product to endorse from the marketplace.

Now this is where the keys and the dots are required. A product you know about or are unable to adequately describe to your customers should be promoted. Make sure you market a product that is not marketed by so many people.

The common mistake many marketers make is to sell popular products that everyone is already selling. You cannot succeed in getting a WarriorPlus affiliate commission when you follow the same procedure because the probability of making sales will be low.

Make sure you conduct preliminary research to determine whether there is a market for the product you wish to advertise.


Promote high-quality products that are in great demand but are not very popular. That transformed my life, and I think it will do the same for you.


3. Begin with Free Traffic

You are just a newbie in the industry and I don’t expect you to begin experimenting with your money. You can start with free traffic from Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Find a better way to market it on any of the platforms.

I urge you to use Pinterest or Instagram to market your product for the first time in the affiliate business.

How can you use Instagram to market affiliate products?

  • Make sure you have an active Instagram account.
  • Design your profile as a professional one relating to your marketing or product.
  • Add the affiliate link to your bio for people to click on your product.
  • Don’t just add the link directly, have a landing page like or a link tree.
  • Post videos and pictures relating to your products.
  • Remain steadfast, and do not miss a day of posting on your Instagram page. As your following grows, you will receive your first WarriorPlus affiliate commission.
  • Upload images and videos of your merchandise to the internet, but take care not to spam or post content just for clicks.

How to use Pinterest to market your affiliate products

Pinterest is quite different from Instagram and other social media platforms. I see Pinterest as a search engine instead of social media. You are required to pin your products to a designated board at this location.

  • Sign up for a Pinterest business account
  • Get boards relating to your topics and post
  • Get a website, either with a free or paid domain
  • Write reviews about your products
  • Design a nice Pinterest image using to post on their platforms.
  • Make sure to post at least 10 pins with each post.
  • You’ll drive organic traffic to your products every day.
  • Your commission will begin to flow when you do your best.

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4. Drive Enough Traffic

You cannot make any commission if you cannot drive traffic to your product. Aside from Pinterest and Instagram, you can drive traffic through YouTube or TikTok if only you can do a video.


For these two platforms, you must record a video in which you argue your product’s merits. Can you do any video yourself? If yes, then getting your first WarriorPlus Affiliate Commission will be easy.


5. Target Your Traffic

The type of traffic you drive determines how much you can make as an affiliate marketer. Make sure you can send high-quality traffic to your products to increase conversion rates.

To target your traffic to buy directly from you, adopt email marketing strategies.

Join the Affiliate Masters here for Beginners: Earn $250 to $500 in a week with their beginner’s guide. Just don’t waste time again on any program.



Optimizing your affiliate strategy on WarriorPlus can give you a great commission, especially if approached strategically. You may greatly increase your revenue by choosing premium products that are in line with the interests of your audience, using effective promotional strategies, and developing sincere connections with them.

Make use of the platform’s features, like analytics and marketing tools, to monitor results and improve your strategy.

Recall that WarriorPlus’s success demands perseverance, flexibility in response to market shifts, and a dedication to offering value to your audience. You may create a steady revenue stream and realize the full potential of WarriorPlus affiliate commissions with commitment and perseverance.