Non-technical Jobs at Amazon to Earn $25 to $50 per Hour

Getting non-technical jobs at Amazon is not so difficult because they require no specialized skills. These types of jobs mostly do not require specialized technical skills. The top 4 non-technical jobs at Amazon include customer service representative, marketing manager, sales representative, and or product manager.

The challenge with non-technical jobs is about the longer hours of stay at work, high stress, always being active in changes in the world of technologies, and the need to be able to work independently. With the current involvement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has added another layer to this type of job.

We will share with you the eligibility criteria for these jobs and how you can apply for the jobs on Amazon. Before we share that with you, we will take you through the entire four jobs by explaining in detail about the job.

1. Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, you work with clients who have complaints, orders, or need any information about the company’s work, product, or services. They provide information to clients to help deal with issues of organizational progress. They help in providing clients’ need step by step.

These are non-technical jobs in Amazon that can help you earn money depending on the terms of the contract. If you are paid per hour, then you may not earn less than $50.


2. Marketing Manager-Non-technical jobs in Amazon

Marketing managers are involved in most aspects of marketing, by making sure that products are delivered through the appropriate channel to the final consumers. Amazon has been helping businesses and other individuals to increase sales and get new customers.

Visit their website for other requirements as a marketing manager.


3. Sales Representatives at Amazon

Amazon Canada is looking for a services sales team for Amazon Services and this person must be a vibrant and driven sales Representative. The sales representative will be in charge of enlisting and launching companies of different sizes to promote their goods on

Throughout the entire sales process, this person will serve as those companies’ main point of contact. The sales Representative will be tasked with creating and managing a sales funnel mix that includes both high-value and transactional accounts while implementing sales methods to close agreements that will outperform ambitious account acquisition and output objectives.

Specifically, this person will be in charge of locating and fostering connections with significant decision-makers and influencers on the senior management and executive teams of potential clients as well as internal interested parties or members.

Check the criteria of application here.



To get any of the non-technical jobs at Amazon, you need to be a good communicator, have experience in marketing, ability to influence others to buy, and someone who always do what customers want.