Payroll Is Full Find Entrepreneurship Ken Ofori Atta Says

payroll is full

The finance minister of Ghana, Ken Ofori Atta has told the graduating students of the University of Professional studies that the payroll is full so they should find alternative means of livelihood. He made it clear that due to the employment difficulties, they should create their own jobs.

He made it clear that the government has the role and responsibility to create an enabling environment for them to establish their businesses. This is an emphasis that the youth should be cautious and take their destiny into their own hands in order to get jobs created.

The payroll is full so try and create jobs after school, because the future for you in regards to the job is important. The minister made it clear that the government is using about 60% of the revenues in paying salaries.

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Mr. Ofori Atta, made it clears that entrepreneurship and other skillset is the best to help the youth. He further explained that education is the ladder to personal transformation as well as economic and social prosperity.

He further urges the graduates present to acknowledge the privileges of accessing the four-year education and should do their best to impact society with it. The youth should get skills and other entrepreneurial ideas since the payroll is full.

The government’s’s role is to create an enabling environment that will sustain the jobs created by the graduates. The question one may ask is whether the government is really creating an enabling environment for the job creators.

This has spark social media ablaze since many think the finance minister has failed them with the government as well. When we can recall the current General Secretary of the ruling government, John Boadu said on their rally that when given power, the government will create jobs to the extent of inviting foreigners for the surplus vacancies.

Notwithstanding what the vice president also said that the government won’t borrow to create jobs but will use the existing opportunities in the country to boost the economic growth. He even mentioned that there is enough money in the country since he has worked with the bank of Ghana.

Not forgetting what the president of the republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo also said, “yete Sikaso Ekom Dey3n” if you allow me to come, I will make sure that all of your benefits. These words sounded well to the Ghanaian youth and voted massively for the government to snatch power from the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Now power changed and the payroll is full, what is the hope of the graduates thinking of getting employment? We hope for the best.