People Died from Fuel Tanker Explosion in Sierra Leone

People Died from Fuel Tanker Explosion in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country found in the West part of Africa. The capital city of Sierra Leone is known as Freetown. The capital, Freetown was founded as a home for repatriated former slaves in 1787.

Sierra Leone is well known as a country of diamond, bauxite, gold, rutile, coltan, iron ore, platinum, petroleum potential and a lot.

Population of Sierra Leone is about 7.977 million and the name of their president is Julius Maada Bio with his vice president Mohammed Juldeh Jalloh.

Sierra Leone has been a nation with a civil wars and poverty since gaining independent from their colonial masters in 1961.

Sad news has hit a lot of people in Sierra Leone especially those who live in Freetown which has cause a lot of death, injuries and properties been burnt into ashes.

Just recently, a fuel tanker exploded after a collision in the capital town of Sierra Leone, Freetown, killing about 99 people living about 100 people injured severely.

The explosion took place on late Friday after a vehicle stuck the fuel tanker in Wellington, a nearest town to the east side of Freetown.

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According to the health minister, Amara Jambai, about 99 people has been confirmed dead and 100 victims has been admitted to the hospitals and clinics across the country for medical treatment.

Yvonne Aki- Sawyer who is the mayor of the Port City said, the extent of damage to properties was yet to be known.

According to the mayor, after the explosion, the police and deputy were at the scene to assist the Disaster Management Officials.

“The videos and photos of the incident circulating on social media are overwhelming and distressing”, she added.

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Barima Bureh Sesay who is the head of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) added that, they’ve gotten so many casualties, burned corpse and a lot.  The incident is very very terrible and sad.

A lot of cars has turned into black and members of families where their businesses and houses were all burnt down and they had to sleep outside, he added.

According to the owner of the Wellington bar and beverage shop, Mohammed Lamin Mansarag, since the incident, we haven’t received a single calk from any personal help neither the Government or an individual and we fi not have a place to sleep, food to eat and cloth to wear not talking about a place to bath.

“I told people to run away from the bar just before the incident where the fuel tanker exploded but one of my staff members was killed”, he added.

It is reported that the funeral of the victims of the explosion will be held on Friday afternoon at the capital town of Sierra Leone, Freetown where the incident happened.