Poverty Consciousness I Have Observed Among Cameroonians (Africans)

Happy children hugging each other without regarding poverty
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What I am sharing is from my observation and I do not expect you to agree to all the points raised. I have been providing training in the areas of career growth, business startup and expansion, personal productivity, and wealth creation ecosystem among others in the last 11 years across Africa. I have experienced firsthand, seen, and heard so much. Permit me to share my 6-point observation with you out of the 13 I have written down already.

1. They do not take advantage of opportunities

For example, anytime I am doing free training or coaching I always have people who are already doing so well in life attending than people who are still struggling. And when it is paid, they complain they do not have money, and the people who are already doing well always hurry up and pay.

2. Focusing on looking rich rather than being rich

Many Cameroonians love living life to impress people. That is why we have many people on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook who have cars on social media but do not have them in real life, live in good houses on social media but struggle to afford monthly rent. They invest a lot of time, energy, and little money they have to show off instead of investing these to build sustainable wealth.

3. They quickly buy liabilities rather than assets. 

People with poverty consciousness quickly buy the latest dresses, shoes, purses, and phones when they do not have an investment somewhere, no savings account, no land anywhere, and do not even know what company stocks and shares are. Cameroonians make these stupid financial decisions and blame village people.

4. People with poverty consciousness love cheap housing and areas

They believe living in cheap houses and quarters is saving money. They forget the benefit of living in better residential quarters and neighborhoods. Benefits like connecting and building relationships with neighbors who can endorse or recommend them for business or career opportunities. Every opportunity you are looking for is connected to someone. The places you go, and where you live play a critical role in your success journey.

From my experience too, I have seen access to the right knowledge & skills lift people out of poverty. I am a living testimony of this. My family did their best to see that I completed high school and did not have the means to see through university. I did so many odd jobs to sponsor myself through university, personal development, and access to the right knowledge & skills that changed my life. Order these courses today & scale up your financial life

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5.  People with poverty consciousness want things very fast

They like quick rich schemes. Look around you, and will see why all these fake investment companies scam lower-class and middle-class people more. Poor people want to invest 50k today and get 150k in 2 days. Wonders!!! Making money takes time, strategy, dedication, and learning.

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6. People with poverty consciousness are good at thinking their countries are poor

Many Cameroonians think Cameroon is a poor country. Many Nigerians think Nigeria is a poor country. Many Ugandans think Uganda is a poor country. And many other citizens across different Countries especially in Africa, think this way. They forget to think that mountains, valleys, trees, and rivers do not make a nation. It is the citizens that make a nation. If we have citizens with poor mindsets, poor skills, poor character, poor attitudes, poor leadership commitment, poor dedication to contribute to national growth, etc. we will have poor nations. People with poverty consciousness are good at transferring these responsibilities to others but themselves.

Many black people are poor not because there is a lack of money in the world but because they cannot create and attract wealth into their lives and families.


Dr. Javnyuy Joybert -Mr. Remarkable