Prophet Kofi Oduro Raises Concerns Over Misuse of IMF: IMF Funds Should Not End In The Pockets Your Girlfriends

Prophet Kofi Oduro is a prominent Ghanaian Christian preacher and founder of Alabaster International Ministry. He is known for his passionate and charismatic preaching style, often addressing social and moral issues prevalent in Ghana and beyond. Prophet Kofi Oduro has gained a significant following both in Ghana and internationally for his outspokenness and his messages focused on righteousness, faith, and societal transformation.

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Prophet Kofi Oduro after the country received its first $600 million tranche of the $3 billion bailout funds. The funds are to be discussed in the three-year extended period disclosed by the finance minister on May 19, 2023.

The government of Ghana was happy about the news of the approval of the $3 billion funds by the executive board of the IMF. This fund is a rescue loan to pave the way for the Ghanaian economy amidst the economic crisis in the country.

The fund is supposed to be used to support the budget and help the government to bring down the galloping inflation the country is currently facing according to the Finance Minister Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta.

These promises made by the government have not gone down with Prophet Oduro because of the nature of politicians who are known to embezzle state funds for personal use and has therefore warned government officials to use the IMF funds for the right course as they promised and not for them to spend them extravagantly with their girlfriends.

In his own words during a sermon, he said “Government officials should not use the funds or money they received for their personal gains or allow it to land in the pockets of your mistresses/girlfriends because she does not work for Ghana. You can even see a Legon girl with a Goil coupon worth Ghc 40,000.00 and drive-in range rovers, land cruisers, Bentleys and even flying up and down in your face”

Prophet Oduro further added that the IMF lacks trust in the government and hence the reason they split the funds into three-year periods because in the past government officials will just misuse the funds given.

In his own words, he stated that “it is because the International Monetary Funds do not trust the government so they decided to split the funds into three years instead of giving it to us at once. He asked $600 million every six months for six years why is that so? Because we are not trustworthy.  Now they want to make sure we really use the money for what it was really meant for and make sure the projects are done.”

He admitted that the country is a disgrace citing examples like Akufo-Addo in Amasaman to cut sod for affordable housing but up till now not even a brick has been molded on the site and also caution politicians to be careful with the loan.