The Latest Controversy Surrounding Ghana’s Prominent Christian Figure: Prophet Nigel Gaisie Files Lawsuit Against Radio Host Nana Romeo for Alleged Defamation

Nigel Gaisie
Photo Credit: Nigel Gaisie Instagram

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is a prominent figure in the Ghanaian Christian community, known for his prophetic gifts and his leadership of Prophetic Hill Chapel. The General Overseer has been involved in many controversies, including allegations of sexual misconduct and financial impropriety.

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Abdul Karim, also known as Nana Romeo, is a popular radio host and presenter in Ghana. He is known for his controversial statements and willingness to speak out against powerful figures in the country.

The General Overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has recently filed a lawsuit against popular radio host and presenter in Ghana, Abdul Karim (also known as Nana Romeo), for making sexual allegations against him. The lawsuit was filed at the High Court of Justice in Amasaman, but it is currently unclear what the next steps will be.

According to a post on the pastor’s Facebook page on April 5, 2023, the pastor warned against spreading false information about him, stating that he would test the law if anyone wrote or said anything defamatory about him.

He also added that the agents of darkness would be put in their rightful places and that the prophetic and prophets in Ghana would never fall.

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Meanwhile, another individual, Stacy Amoateng, has been added to the suit, although it remains unclear who this person is or what role they played in the sexual allegations.

During an interview on Restoration with Stacy, Nana Romeo revealed that Prophet Nigel Gaisie had an affair with his girlfriend while they were still dating. Nana Romeo had regarded the prophet as a godfather, only to feel betrayed by his actions.

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Nana Romeo recounted how he had initially become friends with Prophet Nigel Gaisie after he saw a video of his prophecy about the death of a popular musician named Ebony.

Nana Romeo had helped to book musicians to perform at the prophet’s church, and the two had become close.

However, Nana Romeo’s relationship with the pastor soured when he discovered that Nigel Gaisie had been involved with his girlfriend while they were still together.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been embroiled in so many controversies including in 2021 when he was accused of making false prophecies about the COVID-19 pandemic, and he has also faced accusations of financial misconduct.

Despite these setbacks, he remains a prominent figure in Ghana’s Christian community, and his followers continue to look to him for guidance and inspiration.