Proven Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money-Ultimate Guide

Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money
Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

Affiliate marketing pays, but not just for people who know nothing about the strategies. Are you interested in making money from affiliate marketing by promoting products and earning commissions with little or no money? You are in the right place, and you are a lucky person today. This blog post will teach you how to start affiliate marketing with no money and the tools required to succeed.

Make sure you do not skip any step but read to the last word as we cover all the details to help you earn passive income and live the lifestyle you want. We are covering affiliate marketing from the basics to the advanced level for you to understand.

Introduction to affiliate marketing

If this is your first time reading about this topic, then I will urge you to read more about affiliate marketing for beginners and the proven profitable affiliate networks to join as a newbie.

Notwithstanding, affiliate marketing is simply marketing other people’s products or services for a commission when you make sales using your unique affiliate link.

With this system of marketing, you only make money when sales are made through your affiliate link. It depends on the type of affiliate network or platform you join; some may not pay you when someone using your links buys late.

What do I mean? Cookies are used by the platform to identify your link; on some platforms, such as Amazon, cookies are only valid for a day. After that, if someone buys through the link he used, you may not be credited with the commission.

Some other platforms, like Warrior Plus, go beyond the 24-hour cookie link to 5-7 days. You have to choose the platform to use and make your money.

Some affiliate platforms also pay higher commissions than others, which should be your priority when signing up. Platforms like ClickBank pay a good commission when you make sales on a product or service using your affiliate link. Unfortunately, some African countries are not eligible for that platform.

Alternatively, you can join Digistore24, which allows you to become an affiliate marketer. They will give you more than 30% affiliate commission on sales you make, depending on the type of products sold.


Understand the basics of affiliate marketing

This marketing system is simple and consists of signing up for an affiliate platform and sharing and earning from it. It may look simple, but it demands effort to promote to get sales. Without sales, you earn nothing from affiliate marketing.


Know how it works

As discussed earlier, it works for those who promote and make sales from the product promoted. Join an affiliate program, and choose a product to market for your audience to buy. It is simple but requires your time to understand how it works. If you are new, then join this affiliate marketing course to learn and earn a $500 affiliate commission every week.


Join Good Affiliate Network

As you are thinking about how to start affiliate marketing with no money, make sure you join the right platform. The right platform pays you a good commission and does not give excuses after making sales.

I will recommend you join any of these affiliate networks depending on the niche you would want to start: Commission Junction, ClickBank, Moreniche, Digistore24, WarriorPlus, Market Health, and the Amazon affiliate program.


 Understand the Products and Niche

Your niche and products play a key role in affiliate marketing. Whether you will succeed or fail depends on the type of products you choose and your niche.

Don’t randomly promote any products you do not know about. Make sure you do some research about the product, and understand that people need it.

Another factor is to promote a product that is not popular and being marketed by the gurus. When a product is widely marketed, it becomes difficult for you to penetrate the market with no money to invest in the sales promotion.

The affiliate gurus have money to invest in affiliate tools that do the easy marketing for them. If you start with no money, go for a product that people want but that is not popular in the market.

Another factor is your niche. Some niches may not work well for you in a particular location. For instance, promoting products outside your brand will keep your audience doubting your credibility.


Sign up for an affiliate marketing program

Affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn a commission on any lead that successfully converts into sales. All you need to do is fill out a simple form using your email, name, and username. Some other affiliate networks may require other information, like a website or where to promote the link.


Try and share your link

As you seek to start affiliate marketing with no money, you must promote your link well to reach the consumer or interested person.

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you will get your affiliate link to share on social media or other platforms to earn money. Promote your link like you are crazy.

One-time promotions may not earn you anything so keep sharing until you get the sales. Don’t spam other platforms with your link to get banned or blocked from promoting it.


Where to promote affiliate links

There are various platforms to promote your affiliate links easily and make sales. You can use TikTok to market your product by putting out videos there. Do proper reviews about the product to earn a commission.

Many ask how to start affiliate marketing with no money but forget that they are paying other affiliates on YouTube and TikTok. Adopt the same strategy to increase your sales.

When you are using the WarriorPlus affiliate strategy as a newbie, you can apply it to other affiliate marketing networks.

Website or blog

You can promote your affiliate link using a blog to get organic traffic to your affiliate links. You will eventually earn a commission when any sales are made through your links.

Create content with SEO in mind, add your affiliate link, and attract traffic and sales to your content.

If you don’t have a website yet, then create one to use for product reviews and earn commissions from the affiliate links embedded.



Use Publishing Platforms

If you don’t have money to start your website, then you can use other publishing platforms to share your content embedded with your affiliate links. Platforms like StayPlain, Medium, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc., can help you make a sale easy.