R Kelly sentenced to 30 years for $ex trafficking

The sensational R&B singer R Kelly, Sentenced to 30 years in prison for the charges of $ex -trafficking and other illegal issues. He is sentenced according to the US Attorneys for the Eastern District of the New York, following the conviction that happened last year on $ex trafficking against him. He was accused of sexual abuse years ago by young girls.

R Kelly was asked to be sentenced to 55 years in prison by the prosecutors while his defence attorney asked for 10 and described that the years requested by the prosecutors are tantamount to life in prison.

R Kelly was sad to see by him his survivors of the abuse caused standing holding and praying as the United States Court Judge Ann Donnelly started reading the sentence. He stood quietly with little or no emotions wearing his dark glass as the sentence was eventually read.

The Court Judge said and I quote “You left in your wake of broken lives” and asked who his name is Robert Sylvester Kelly.

He was a bit speared as the Judge recounted and considered R Kelly’s childhood trauma by a landlord on $exual abuses. The judge said that may have led to his current behaviour but cannot be an excuse for all that he did to innocent people.

Kelly was convicted on nine counts of cases which included racketeering and the other 8 on violations of the Mann Act which includes sexual harassment or abuse. He was equally accused of using his celebrity status to abuse girls and boys in such activities.

Testimonies of abuse people were heard against the big-time musician in court and the witnesses came in to tell exactly what he did to them.  The court also listened to people from different angles which even included the late Aaliyah whom they believed was pregnant at age 15 before her death which also linked to R Kelly.

The monster tag on Kelly was challenged by Kelly’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean before the sentence was being read. The Attorney said, “he accepts that he is a flawed individual” but not as the portrayed monster described by the media and the government of the country.

Kelly commented right after his attorney spoke and said that that was his wish.

Before the sentence the court allowed some of the victims of Kelly’s act to testify at the trial and they were seven including Jane Doe 2 who also did. She testified that she knew Kelly for the past 23 years and the pain he caused so many girls. It is time for R Kelly’s freedom to be scrapped from him.

Another Attorney Allred Gloria who represented 3 victims of this case also was present and testified. And she told the media that it is time for R Kelly to be accountable for his deeds since no one can undo all that he did to the innocent people.

There were a little bit of front and back arguments in court to allow R Kelly to pay a fine for what he caused. The prosecutors disagreed for R Kelly to pay a fine for all that he did to the girls and the boys who fall victims to his act.

He was ready to settle the court if fined since monies from his music and royalties can settle all the fines the court might give to him. His attorney,  Bonjean said after the court sittings they were prepared for this and they will go appeal the case again in court.

There is another case for him to face coming August which is presumed to be a case on child obstruction and other bad-related issues. It seems many people are coming on board to testify about what they believed was caused by the R&B singer years ago.

He was faced with several issues anytime he appeared in court for his trial. He had his childhood trauma too revealed that he never met his father.

He was described by the court that celebrities used $ex as a deterrent to destroy other innocent fans.  The disgraced R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for $ex-trafficking, sex assault and other inhumane activities.